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Land Reclamation

APES Final Project

Sheron Luk

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Land Reclamation

Land Reclamation In Hong Kong: Environmental Effects What is Land Reclamation? Land Reclamation:
returning an environmentally damaged area to its previous state
rehabilitating damaged land Land Reclamation In action More importantly, in Hong Kong, land reclamation refers
to the process of Purposes for this include agriculture, landfill, creating man-made beach resorts, expanding the harbour for development Macau: 170 percent its original size
singapore: 20 percent larger
south korea: 38 percent of coastal wetlands have been reclaimed How does it affect Hong kong? main reason for land reclamation is 1860s Praya Reclamation Scheme Reclaimed land project carried out by HK Land company under Sir Chater and Kenswick
added Des Veoux Road Added 240,000 m^2-260,000 m^2 of land to Central Waterfront and Statue Square Second Reclamation Scheme under Hong Kong and Kowloon Wharf and Godown Company Since the scheme, other sites throughout HK have been Reclaimed Hong Kong Disneyland
HK International Airport
Kai Tak Airport
Tuen Mun
Tai Po
Shatin-Ma On Shan
West Kowloon
Kwun Tong
Tseung Kwan O Video of land reclamation in Hong kong lAND RECLAMATION IN HK AIRPORT Hong Kong interest groups protesting land reclamation society for protection of the harbor protect Victoria Harbor from destruction caused by excessive land reclamation and inappropriate urban development
protested reclamation of 340 hectares of Kowloon Bay, 32 Hectares Tamar Site in 1998 2004 Central Reclamation Phase III was protested by SPH, who later that year, held a "Hand in Hand" rally wherein 10,000 people formed a human chain from Central to Wan Chai Environmental Issues with Land Reclamation harbour has been vastly narrowed
limited the "flushing" action of tides leading to poorer water quality lack of oxygen, high levels of bacteria, high levels of ammonia Reclamation and dredging has limited the number of sea creatures in the area. Pink Dolphins have been vastly reduced. Loss of natural coastline by reclamation causes habitat fragmentation and shallower feeding areas for inter-tidal creatures Thick layers of heavy-metal contaminated mud at bottom of harbor are removed by dredging when sand is dumped into the harbor for reclamation. Causes contaminated mud to be released. As a result, pollutants are released and make their way to the food chain Toxins undergo biological magnification as they work their way up the food chain Dredged mud then gets dumped in marine park areas, causing sea creatures to die Victoria Harbour land reclamation the end creating new land from sea shortage of land Quick Facts Pros Cons land reclamation is necessary for the city
both the old and new airports had to be built on reclaimed land to avoid the mountains
reclamation brings forth prosperity to the city
land reclamation of the Victoria Harbour helps solve the traffic problems of Central, Wanchai and other nearby districts the Victoria Harbour is the common property of Hong Kong people which should not be destroyed
land reclamation of the Victoria Harbour damages tourism opportunities as well as diminishing residents' enjoyment of the city
reclaimed land is only just above sea level, and may therefore be flooded
land reclamation is destroying the Victoria Harbour
land reclamation resulted in a failure on the part of the Government to devise effective urban regeneration policies "Victoria Harbour is at the heart of the metropolis both physically and metaphorically The end Objectives:
1. To introduce the various types of land reclamation
2. To educate about land reclamation in Hong Kong
3. To present the pros and cons of land reclamation on the environment
4. To emphasize the various sides of land reclamation and
educate about the various interest groups supporting different
sides in Hong Kong
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