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btec sport nqf Level 1/2 120glh - Unit 6

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Adam Murray

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of btec sport nqf Level 1/2 120glh - Unit 6

btec Level 1/2 First IN sport
Unit 6: Leading Sports Activities
Learning aim a
Know the attributes associated with successful sports leadership
Learning aim A: Know the attributes associated with successful sports leadership
Learning aim B: Understand the planning and leading of sports activities
Learning aim C: Review the planning and leading of two selected sports activities

Using your sports leader as an example what skills, qualities and responsibilities do you think they need?

What are the attributes of a sports leader?
Task 1

Look at the words in front of you. Which ones are skills and which are qualities?
Task 2

Can we now rank the skills in order of importance.
Which ones are core skills (basic) which ones are advanced (difficult)?
Why have we done this?
Watch the videos
Use the worksheet to write down what skills/ are needed for Ben to lead his team successfully and win the Americas Cup from 8-1 down?
Now watch the kayaking video. What skills will this leader need to teach others to perform at his level? Are the they same or are there any differences?
Now complete the whole work sheet, and we will discuss your thoughts
Leadership Skills
Structuring Activities - Advanced skill
Before you start any plan you should create a plan that highlights
Your goal, objective, what you want to achieve. I.e. first sailing sessions goal = getting people interested in sailing!
Content, what you are going to do....
Target setting - advanced skill
Target should be set for participants, particularly if the activity is part of a serries of sessions aimed at improving skils and techniques.

As leaders you should also set target as part if the evaluation process. WWW EBI.
Then to help you next time set some SMART targets to help you improve. Bur remember these can also be used to help improve sporting performance.
S- specific, M - mesurable, A - achievable, R - realistic, T - time related, E - exciting, R - recorded
Evaluating - advanced skill
Sports leaders should provide continuous and instantaneous feedback to participant. This helps them improve but the feedback may take the form of correcting technique or giving praise and even at times instilling discipline!

You should also evaluate your performance as a leader, and by this you should consider how well things have gone and what you could do to improve. (WWW EBI). When doing this consider how the following went.
Content, was it at the right level, to easy or to hard?
Organization, where you ready/ prepared?
Health safety, any accidents/ near misses?
Personal areas of your leadership?
Achievements, anything that made you think your participants learnt?
Areas to to develop (SMARTER Targets)
Knowledge - basic skill
The most important skill for a sports leader. All sports leaders should have an in-depth knowledge about the skills, rules and regulations that they are going to teach.

With out them what might happen?
Communication - basic skill
Verbal communication - only representative of 20% of actual instruction received through vocal commands, remember use of language must be appropriate for activity.

Non verbal communication - body language, hand signals, gestures, facial expressions. picture paints a thousand words, demo activity.
Organization of equipment - basic skill
Things to consider when organzing equipment,
size of group
condition of equipment
variety of equipment
returning it back to place it cam from
Lets play a little games
Mirror drawing!
Who is your hero from sport
Mr Murray's
But why is he my man god?
What are your
qualities? Are you old school?
Use the worksheet in front of you to help you discover 5 qualities. remember they are different to skills and are personal to you?

Are you a good/ have a good
Sense of humour
Leadership style
Qualities of Leadership
Key Qualities
Additional qualities
Outgoing and sociable
Confident with authority
Additional qualities
Leadership style
Autocratic (command)
Write/ draw/ create a poster that is an advert for a water sports instructor. Use a famous sports leader as an example of what you are looking for. Make sure you include the skills and qualities that you need.
Responsibilities of a leader
Starter: Collaborative learning task

Watch the videos on the iPads

Which responsibility is the sports leader NOT displaying?

What evidence have you got to state that this responsibility is being displayed?
Core responsibilities
Professional conduct
Leaders must behave professionally and responsibly art all times. Young children often look up to their new leader and think of them as role models. Therefore their actions and behavior must be impeccable in order to have a positive impact on the members of the group
Health and safety
The leader must ensure that the group is group is safe and well while participating in physical activity. This involves duties such as checking the there is a current risk assessment and checking that the equipment is in good working order.
Sports leaders should be aware of equal opportunities and try to ensure that all participants are treated equal with respect to age gender, disability, nationality, ethnicity or national origin. They should encourage members of their group to be polite and respectful to create a good atmosphere.
Wider responsibilities
These are in addition to the core responsibilities of a sports leader.
It is a requirement for a sports leader to have insurance to cover them for any activity that they undertake. This provides reassurance to the participants and their families in case of accidents, and protects the leader should anything go wrong!
Child protection
Sports leaders must make sure that children in their care are safe and not at risk from anyone. it is vital that leaders identify children with problems or those that are suffering abuse. Children often confide in people that they look upto, and if a child is suffering at home they may share the burden with a sports leader/ coach.
Legal obligations
If you are leading children under the age of 16, you are legally obliged to seek the permission of a parent/ guardian before allowing anyone to take part. Also if your activity is considered to be a contact sport such as football or rugby participants must not take part in mixed gender activities an separate gender practices should be set up.
Ethics and values
good sportsmanship is about being fair and honest. Sports leaders should encourage the members of their group to respect each other and their opponents, and to oblige by the the rules and etiquette in their sport or physical activity.
Rules and regulations
leaders should be familiar with the rules and regulations of the sport that they are delivering. They should also ensure that their group members adhere to the rules because this may help prevent injuries.
What etiquette has been broken?
Who was in the wrong? What happened to that sailor?
Lesson Objective: What are the responsibilities of a sports leader?
Learning Outcome: LA1 To know the main responsibilities associated with sports leadership and be able to link to relevant examples
POP Quiz
How have you progressed?

Prepare a 3min presentation

What attributes should the perfect PE Teacher have?

What Skills do they need?
What Qualities would you like them to have?
Why do they have to be responsible?

Can you gives example of things that have happened in the past that prove why they need them!
Task 2
Scenario: A sports leader has not taken full responsibility when leading an activity session and they have had an accident. You are to create a scene based on this scenario and acted out what might happen to the sports leader.
Homework feedback
On the whole a good standard of work.
A few confusions between some skills and qualities

A quick recap:
After 30s thinking time what is the difference between a skill and a quality?
In groups of 5 skills can you recall that a leader needs to be successful

Top Tipis

Take your time.
When writing about examples tell the reader what might happen without the skill or quality
Remember basic SPAG, names have CAPITALS

Session Planning
Warm Up
3 Stage warm up
- Pulse raise
- stretch
- mobilise
Main part
Introduce the main sessions, aim and objective outcomes
Demonstrations of skills
Allow groups to modify the games if needed.
Cool down
Jogging, stretching, reflecting.
avoids injury and DOMS
Lesson 3
Lesson Objective: How do we plan a session?
Learning Outcome: Understand how to plan a practical session
Know the three main components of an activity session.

Finer Details

What equipment will you need? Can you access all the equipment when you need it?
How long is your session? Have you allocated different times for different parts?
Do you have an appropriate venue?

How many taking part?
What age are they?
What ability are they?
Do they need to be in signle sex groups?
Any medical issues?
A picture paints a thousand words
health and safety
Check that risk assessments are in place
Check equipment in working order
Check venue is safe
Deliver session in safest possible way
Aims and objectives
Every session should have these
They should help you measure the sucess of the session.
Good to make question based.
Often have one or more outcome
measuring successes
set targets for yourself
e.g. giving specific aims and objectives
e.g. coaching the session in a safe manner
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