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No description

Joanne Gries

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of yorkies

By sofia galindo

If you buy a pup make shure you now how to take good care of it and also you should have the food for the pup.And be shure to by a medicine just for the pup just in case he or she gets sick.
Yorkies maybe small when they are babys and did you now sometimes they can be small as a cup or even more litle .They mostly have a star in there legs and they have alout of hair.

If you buy a treat or more you can do a trick to your puppy because you just need to put a treat in the air and then they will jump because they realy want a treat and they ma be hungry and they want a treat.

They need healthy food aleast a litle bit so you willl not need to take your puppy to the vegeterian again.They also need to drink there medicine and drink water.
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