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The paparazzi are know for providing the public with informa

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Imani Williams

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of The paparazzi are know for providing the public with informa

The paparazzi are know for providing the public with information on the private lives of celebrities. But when is the line crossed? The paparazzi can go to the extreme lengths of harassment from celebrities to their family members.
Celebrities v.s. Paparazzi
David Beckham when playing for the Spanish futbol team had an incident with the paparazzi harassing his children. "Brooklyn, six, was "chased" by photographers into a soccer school and Romeo, two, was pictured inside his nursery playing with other children."

"Photographer Chris Guerra was struck and killed by a car as he ran across a Los Angeles street after trying to take a picture of Justin Bieber."
Accidents due to the Paparazzi part II
August 30, 1997, Princess Diana was killed in an automobile accident as she attempted to escape pursuing photographers by driving at high speed.
Accidents due to Paparazzi
Should the private lives of celebrities be off limits?
Celebrities Fight for Privacy
Thesis statement
Even though the first amendment protects freedom of press and speech, paparazzi tend to use this as an excuse.This information is relevant to paparazzi invading the privacy of celebrities. All people are entitled to have privacy regardless of who they are

First Amendment Protection
"The first amendment is the freedom of press and speech." Paparazzi tend to use this as an excuse to invade the privacy of celebrities.
Protection under the First Amendment
"Laws to restrict paparazzi violate the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of the press. They say celebrities are public figures, and photographers have the right to document stars' lives."

Lawsuits Against Celebrities
"He reportedly testified that he was just defending his common-law wife, Laura Louie, and their daughter, Denni, who were being harassed by the cameramen."
"A pair of paparazzi are suing Woody Harrelson, saying the star trampled their First Amendment rights and their camera equipment when they tried to photograph him on Martha's Vineyard.The paparazzi pair claim they were just doing their job."
Lawsuits Against Celebrities
Lawsuits Against Celebrities part II
"Kanye West and a bodyguard flipped out yesterday and attacked two photographers at LA International Airport, smashing one of their cameras in a rampage caught on videotape."
Lawsuits Against Celebrities
West, 31, and his goon were arrested on a felony vandalism charge.The rapper, who posted $20,000 bail.
("Caught on camera: should paparazzi be subject to stricter
("Diana, Princess of Wales.")
(Congress, U.S. "The First Amendment.")
("Caught on camera: should paparazzi be subject to stricter laws?")
("Pair slap Woody with $500G suit over Vineyard
("Pair slap Woody with $500G suit over Vineyard
By:Imani Williams
Paparazzi and the First Amendment
The paparazzi can go to extreme lengths to get the pictures that they need regardless if they invade the privacy of others. Because they are protected by this law they are able to use it against others.
In Summation,the lives of celebrities should be kept off limits. There should be laws to further protects the lives of celebrities from the paparazzi's hostile behavior.Lastly, peopl are entitled to privacy regardless of their popularity.
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