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Forming A Government (1771-1791)

No description

8th Grade US History

on 17 October 2017

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Transcript of Forming A Government (1771-1791)

Forming A Government (1771-1791)
Daniel Shays' Rebellion
Domestic Problems Under Articles
Articles of Confederation (1781-1789)
Next Step?
1.) Create national government to unify states
2.) 2nd Continental Congress appointed 13 delegates to a committee to draft the Articles of Confederation (1st National Constitution)
3.) Stole ideas from English documents (Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights), state constitutions, Mayflower Compact, etc.

Let's Review :)
No More Kings!!!
Key =
As you view the video, answer the following questions regarding the government created by the Articles of Confederation:

1.) What could government do?
2.) List at least three weaknesses of the new national government:
1.) What could government do?
2.) List at least three weaknesses of the new national government:
A.) Run Postal Service
B.) Declare War
C.) Borrow Money
D.) Make Treaties
A.) No President/National Court System
B.) No Power To Tax
C.) Couldn't regulate interstate trade
D.) States Too Strong/Federal Government Too Weak
E.) States Could Refuse Requests
Was It A Complete "Fail"?
No!!! Figured Out What To Do With Western Land
1.)Land Ordinance of 1785: Split land into townships with lots; 31 lots for sale, 1 for school, and 4 for veterans (solved need for money to pay war debt and what to do with western land)
2.) Northwest Ordinance of 1787: Northwest Territory divided into smaller territories with governors. If population reached 60,000, constitution could be drafted and statehood could be granted! Public education had
to be offered/no slaves permitted!

Writing Prompt: 10/8

How would you feel about this?
Writing Prompt: 10/8
Although this may sound enticing because Justin Bieber is the furthest thing away from your current principal as possible, what problems might arise as a result of having such a weak principal? What types of things do you count on from your principal that Justin may not be able to provide? Be specific!

Partner Work: In pairs, complete the sentence starters found on your worksheet. Be prepared to share!
Trouble with Britain
Fill in the blanks:
A.) Couldn't enforce provisions of treaties
B.) Britain closes ports to American ships/levies tariffs on American imports
Trouble with Spain
Fill in the blanks:
A.) Lower Mississippi River closed to U.S. shipping; farmers/merchants furious
B.) Congress divided on issue and Spain breaks off negotiations
Team Time-In groups, answer the following questions on the back of your answer document:
How might the closing of both the ports in the British West Indies and the lower Mississippi River affect the U.S. economy? Who would be most affected?
*** Mission:
include the following words and phrases in your answer- "tariffs", "trade deficits", and the "weaknesses of the Confederation Congress"
International Problems Under Articles
Mission Impossible?
Neighbor Share: What does the following picture represent?
Neighbor Share: What does the following picture represent?

Neighbor Share: What does the following picture represent?
A Little Old, A Little New:)
Close Reading:
Read the text and make 3-4 mental moves as you read (predict, summarize, visualize, etc.). When you are finished reading, answer the following on your answer document
What's Next?
Answer: Interstate Trade
Answer: Inflation
Answer: Depression
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