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Travel&Tourism Jade Haddow

No description

Inveralmond chs

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Travel&Tourism Jade Haddow

Travel & Tourism Political Economics Technological

1871- Bank holiday act creates four public holidays a year

1901- Factory Act gives women and young people at least six days paid holiday a year

1938 Holidays with pay act makes annual family holiday a reality for the masses 17th-18th Centuries- development of the stage coach initial developments in road building

19th century- Invention of tarmacadam development of the railway introduction of passangers steamships invention of the bicycle Social 16th-18th centuries- the grand tour--educational--social pleasure
rise of the spas-- health--social fashionable resorts eg baths buxton etc

20th century- World war stimulate desire to travel cinema, radio and tv stimulate interest in foreign travel shorter working week. 19th century- rise in factory employment in towns-- increase wages
entrepreneurs like Thomas cook offer special fares

20th century-- wages continue to rise 1938 holidays with pay cost of overseas travel falls.
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