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National Beta Club

"Let Us Lead by Serving Others"

Katelyn Youngblood

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of National Beta Club

National Beta Club ? Begining as a dream of its founder, Dr. John W. Harris, National Beta Club has become the nations larges independent, non-profit, educational youth organizations. Why Beta Club? Thought Process Who would want to be in Beta Club? What is Beta Club? How is this going to help the school? Is this even going to work? How am I going to get my community service hours? First Step: Research Paper What is the National Beta Club? An educaional club that focuses on the characteristics and roles a student should posess in his/her school. Roles and aspects of each member consist of the responsibilites, fundamentals, effects/ benifits, and the time contributed towards the club. Aspects Fundamentals Demonstrating high academic achievement,
exemplifying worthy character, and maintaining a
commendable attitiude during ones high school experience
are the core fundamentals for acceptance into Beta Club. The fundamentals set the tone for
National Beta Club. GPA of 3.0-4.0 Good Effort+Determination+Willpower=High academic achievement Character and Conduct National Honors Society 3.5-4.0 Although your grades reflict your will power for success, they aren't the only factors that decide your future. Judgement of your mastery of the subject your grade does not represent a judgement of your basic ability or of your character Leadership Skills and Interpersonoal Realtionship Skills Learn proper skills to succeed or achieve high academic excellence. Responsibilities Effects and Benifits A member must follow through with assignments and be involved with various activities to maintian membership. Attend majority of club meetings Participation Contirbution Demonstrating responsibilities and the fundemtals required for membership, prove beneficial throughout a student's life. involvment in such a club as Beta Club promotes positive outlooks on life decisions. When making a choice in the future such as college, the choice wont be made out of pressure but through confidence and devotion. If achieved well, clubs endow a member with immense success in future years. Wrap Things Up - Students will be more socially comfortable
- Allow students to become more dependent So much to do so little time Done Both project and research are both dealing with Beta Club. Actual club and Infromation about club. New Ideas -How it would and could help the community, school and future generations at SMHS. After Thoughts Better understanding of what Beta Club really is and how it works.
Mebership Community Service Relations Between Research and Project Finally, an actual product! Induction Ceremony Club Meetings The club itself, member and faculty involvement, and service project. Where did all the time go? Oh, that's right, towards my service hours. Counseled with mentors Planned with faculty and Mrs. Baxley Induction Ceremony and Reception Created and collected membership application forms Beta Club Account Service Project Through spending so much time getting everything together, I learned the value of patience and consistency. With both you get the most work done. Lessons Learned Time Management Successes -Club Size - Ceremony - Faculty Involvement Obstacles Advice Timing Timing Timing Do not prcrastinate. You'll have so much more succes with your project if you start working on it as soon as you have the idea.
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