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Sir Ferdinand Magellan

No description

noor masoom

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Sir Ferdinand Magellan

Early Life

o Born in Northern Portugal

o His parents died at age of 10

o At age 12 was appointed as queens messenger in royal court

o Other young boys appointed messengers as source of education

o At court Ferdinand learnt about famous explorers

o Also learnt useful information on navigating ships First Expedition

o First time at sea in 1505 when
he was 25 years old

o Sailed with Portugal’s first admiral
(Francisco de Aldemia) as well as his fleet

o 1511, went on expedition to conquer Melaka

o After victory, sailed to Spice islands (known as Moluccas Islands)

o Portugal claimed the islands at the time

o Ferdinand’s close friend Francisco Serrano went on voyage and sent letters to him

o Letters described route and island of Ternate Planning For a Long Trip

o The letters helped build in mind location
of Spice Islands

o Which later became the destination of his great

o Ferdinand asked King of Portugal to support journey, but refused

o He then begged King of Spain to support journey

o He was interested since Spain, looking for better sea route to Asia, than the Portuguese route around southern tip of Africa

o Hard to find sailors, none of the Spanish sailors wanted to sail with Ferdinand because he was Portuguese

o Had to take sailors that signed up either good or bad

o Parts of crew were prisoners, released from jail in return for sailing with him o March of 1521, arrived in Guam, an island in the Pacific

o From there, he headed for the Moluccas. The End Of His Days
o Ferdinand never made to Spice lands
o He was caught in war in the Philippine Islands
o Faced a group of natives who killed him (by striking a poison arrow n his foot and a spear through his heart
o After he died, crew burned his ship
o Only three ships remained and his body was left behind
o Two ships reached Spice islands because the Santiago was destroyed in a storm
o His crew loaded both ships with rich cargo headed for Spain
o The Portuguese claimed the Spice Islands captured the Trinidad
o Victoria was the ship that returned safely back to Spain
o From five ships that had begun the journey and was the only one that made a voyage around the world
oOut of 250 men only 18 survived and sadly Ferdinand was not one of them o October of 1520, found a strait, named it after Ferdinand (calling it the Strait of Magellan)
o Took 38 days to sail through the dangerous strait
o Arrived at the ocean that Balboa had discovered several years before
o Named it the Pacific Ocean because of its calm waters
o Sailing for weeks across this ocean with no sign of land
o Drinking water stunk and started to get slimy
o Crew had to eat rats! Could you imagine eating a rat?
o Crew suffered from scurvy, one of the other captains deserted him and sailed the San Antonio back to Spain o September 1519, crew set sail for Southern Spain with five ships (the Santiago, the San Antonio, the Conception, the Trinidad, and the Victoria)

o The small fleet sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, reached South America

o Stocked up with goods and sailed down the coastline looking for a passage through this great continent

o Sailed further south, sailing into every river and bay they came upon

o The weather was getting colder, and we were running out of supplies

o The crew revolted against the other captains, had the men who started the mutiny hanged, and then we continued our journey The Victoria The Trinidad The Conception The Santiago San Antonio Ship The End!!! Hope you enjoyed!!!!
Now sometime for pics
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