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Ta'a Antonio

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr Self testicular exam The self testicular exam is when a male can go home without a doctor there, and they can actually check there own self by cupping your testicles with one hand, and you check if your 2 veins on your testicles is responding. Its important to do this because if you don't do it then you might be infected and you don't know and you might be sick or you might die. :( Routine physical exam Rectal/prostate exam Rectal exam is when doctors use gloves to protect them self and they tell there patients to lean forward or lay down on a bed, then they check your prostate through your anus, I know its weird and disturbing but its really important because its the only way they figure out if you have prostate cancer, so doctors know whats wrong with you earlier so they can cure you. The age you are suppose to do start doing or checking your prostate when your in your 40s or if it runs through your family then you should start in your 20s The routine physical exam is an exam were you go to the doctor or nurse. They make you stand still and they have you pull your pants down and they put there hand around your testicles and the other thing is they have you cough 3 times while looking left then right. This is important because they good check for problems you have before you find out later at home or during a sport. The age you are suppose to take this exam is when your in 1st grade, get it check every two years. Age: 16 Colonoscopy Age: 40 Colonoscopy is a period were in your life were you go to the doctors and they test you for colon cancer, to do this is they have a really skinny camera, an what they do with this camera is they stick it or shove it up your anus, and the other thing is you wont remember anything because they drug you before the colon check.-_- The age for this is usually at 16, but if it runs through your family then you have to get it check as soon as possible. This section for HIV and STD is they will take a sample of your blood and your urine sample and they will experiment on them and see if there is an infection in your blood, and while you wait if its a positive then you have HIV, but if its a negative then you are fine. This experiment is important because its for your healthy an they can try to solve the problem, and try to make you live longer. STD/HIV Testing Routine physical exam (Female) This exam is about how they just ask you like a hundred times if your sexually active, and then they will check around your whole body from to head to feet to see if you have any lumps on your body. This physical exam is important because they will know what the side affects is before you get them, and they'll help you stay healthy. Colonoscopy(Female) This exam is the same as men, the doctors lays there patients on a bed and they use a camera that they are going to stuck up your Uranus and they are checking for a signs of colon cancer. This is important because is helps them to know and you know what your body is going through to survive. Pap Smear (Female) This procedure is they use a screen to find pre-cancerous and cancerous processes in the out whats wrong in the canal of the females organs. Unusual findings are often followed up by more sensitive indicative procedures. This procedure is important because they can help prevent illness and can find problems that may need treatment. Pelvic exams, Pap tests, and screenings for breast cancer are all crucial health care needs for women. Mammogram (Female) A mammogram is an x-ray exam of the breast that’s used to detect and evaluate breast changes. They use an x-ray to see for breast cancer. This is important because breast cancer or any kind of cancer is really serious you good lose your hair or anything. Age: 40-Up Age:50 Age:40 Age: 21 Self breast exam Age:20-25 This exam is complicated because i mean its easy, but weird. This exam is were women go to a mirror and they check for pumps around there body, I mean everywhere on your body. This is important because this will help you know if you have breast cancer or your breast is going through good or bad changes. Pelvic Exam Age: 21 In the pelvic exam, the doctor checks the reproductive organs to see if the size and shape are normal. They try to see for pumps, and any signs of disease that are serious or ones that can be studied to be cure or to be cured. A Pap test and pelvic exam is important parts of a woman’s routine health care because they can detect abnormalities that may lead to cancer of the cervix. STD/HIV Testing Age: 16 This procedure is where they have you urinate on a piece of special paper, its like 4 inches long an they test on, to see if there is bad bacteria or if you have HIV in your blood cell. Its important because they are studying these to try and find a cure or a way to help you.
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