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Oral Presentation-Reading

Madison Alford

Madison Alford

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Oral Presentation-Reading

Sammy Keys and the Hollywood Mummy By: Wendelin Van Draanen Have you ever herd of a Mummy?? The three topics I will be disscussing are, Setting, Characters and Plot. The main character is Sammy Keys. Sammy is a fun energetic girl. Her mom left her and went to Hollywood one year ago. Her mom went to Hollywood to become a famous actress.One day,Sammy found out her mom was telling everyone she didnt have any kids. Sammy felt as though she didnt exsist. So then Sammy asked her grandmother if they could go to Hollywood and visit her mom. Her grandmother said no, so she desided to go alone. Well, not exactly alone, she asked her best freind Kelly to go too. Kelly is another main character. She is Sammys best freind. Sometimes she gets mad at Sammy. Then one Friday after school, they went to the bus station. Kelly was'nt sure about it, but she knew that Sammy wanted to see her mom.They got on the bus and headed to Hollywood. They got to Hollywood and all as they could see was lights. Then Sammy and Kelly noticed something. They didnt know where Sammys mom lived! They decided to take a taxi.Luckily, Sammy saved up her allowence. Then they arrived. The house that Sammys mom lived in was huge!Sammy wanted to turn back because she thought that she was having a better life without her. But then, Sammys mom came running out. She hugged Sammy, then started telling her how dangourous it was coming to Hollywood by her self. Sammy's mom changed her name to Domonique Winsnor. She changed her name beacuse her boss thought it was boring. Domonique told Sammy and Kelly that they could stay one day. One day turned out to be one week. Domonique (Sammy's mom) was trying out for a part on a big t.v show. She was competing agianst one person. Her name was Le'brani. Le'brandi looked exacly like Domonique, because they were trying out for the same part. Then one night, Le'brandi was found dead. Since Sammy knew that Le'brandi was her moms olny competition, and now that Le'brandi was gone, she would get the big role on the show, Sammy thought that her mom killed Le'brandi. She did'nt want to think that her mom killed someone, but she felt like she didnt know her mom anymore. To find out if Domonique really killed Le'brandi just to get a part on a t.v show, read the book,"Sammy Keys and the Hollywood Mummy." The Duration is 1 week. I know this because Sammy and Kelly sleep at Sammy's moms house for 1 week.
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