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Setting up the Interactive Science Notebook

No description

Jodi Sagle

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Setting up the Interactive Science Notebook

Setting up your Interactive Science Notebook
Getting Started
Step 1:

On your cover write your name and core #. Then
look for pictures in a magazine that are science.
Cut them out and make a collage with them
on your cover. You may also draw pictures on
the cover as well.
Step 2: The pages
The first 3 pages will be the table of contents. Starting with the third page number the rest of the pages. Numbers should be small and in the top, outside corner of every page.
Step 3
At the top of the first 3 pages write table of contents. Divide (fold these pages) into 3 sections and write date, description at the top, and page # at the top.
Example pages of a notebook
Step 4
Add these open response questions to page 4 of your notebook. When you can't think of anything to add to your left side of your notebook, use these to help. Remember, these questions require you to answer with a paragraph, and a paragraph means sentences.
What are you curious about?
What would you like to test?
What was the main idea?
What are the important details to remember?
How does this relate to your life?
What don't you understand?
Graphic Organizers
There are 10 graphic organizers posted to the side of the board.
At times you will be able to choose one of these to "output" the information or I will direct you which one to use.
Rubric and Left Side/Right Side
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