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Public Participation

No description

Meredith Gore

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Public Participation

Test Your Mettle!
Outbreak of Influenza A in MSU's mallard duck population behind Administration Building/Red Cedar River! Ducks are dying!


Lead a public participation process with MSU Community to help improve efficacy of disease management on campus
- Avoid shock and shame response
- Follow letter of the law
Why participate?
-Stakeholder engagement
- Public participation
PP Process
Frame issues/needs/problem
PP purpose?
share info? >> inform
problem id?>> consult
decision support? >> involve
Recommendations? >> collaborate
d-m? >> empower
Define PP tools
ID stakeholders
Develop PP plan
Public Participation:
PP Continuum
Type of participation depends on context, objectives, outcomes, and capacity of stakeholders to influence outcomes
* what are the overall results and impacts you hope to achieve?
* how will this engagement process be determined a success?
Best Practices
Identify key stakes
Employ multiple methods to incorporate input
Resist special interests that may influence process
Weigh interests of different stakes
Leverage communication to promote deliberation & understanding
7 Principles of PP
Careful planning
Shared purpose
Sustained participation
- Timely, expensive, easy to mess up
- Are there limits to what the public has a right to know?
EMPOWER: final d-m in hands of public
COLLABORATE: partner with public in all aspects of d-m
Implications & Application for FW Communication
INVOLVE: work directly with public throughout to ensure concerns are considered
CONSULT: obtain feedback
INFORM: build public understanding
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