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Activity: LEGO Chemistry

No description

Britney Campbell

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Activity: LEGO Chemistry

Activity: LEGO Chemistry
Britney Campbell
Spring 2014

TLW predict the products when given reactants and balance chemical equations.
TLW name the compounds in the activity using words and chemical symbols.
TLW determine the type of reaction (composition, decomposition, single replacement, double replacement, or combustion) when given the reactants of an equation.
What did you think?
What did you like about this activity?

What did you dislike about this activity?

How do you think this activity could be improved?

How do you think you could use LEGOs or other building blocks in your classroom?
1. As a group, write the reactants of the equation on the dry erase board.
2. Predict the products of the reaction.
3. Balance the equation.
4. Write out the names of each compound of the reaction.
5. Construct the equation using LEGOS and the LEGO Color Key.
6. Take a picture of each equation as it is completed on the dry erase board using the technology provided. These images will be collected and used as part of your grade.

Standards Addressed
CLE 3221.Math.1: Understand the mathematical principles associated with the science of chemistry.
CLE 3221.3.2: Analyze chemical and nuclear reactions.
CLE 3221.3.3: Explore the mathematics of chemical formulas and equations.
LEGOs (an assortment to fit the lesson)
Small Dry Erase Boards
Dry Erase Markers

*Students will be cooperating in groups, but this activity could be done in partners or individually.
LEGO Color Key
Light Blue: Chlorine
Dark Blue: Carbon
Green: Sodium
White: Hydrogen
Pink: Oxygen
Orange: Fluorine
Red: Potassium



-You can order specific sets of LEGO bricks to suit your activity or classroom needs.


-MIT Edgerton Center "Chemical Reactions" was the inspiration for my creation of this activity. You can access more information about the LEGO Chemistry activities plus information about Biology LEGO activities as well.

Begin the Activity!
Please feel free to ask questions!
Citation for picture: http://www.yourformula.eu/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/shutterstock_133886819.jpg
Citation for Image: http://asset0.cbsistatic.com/cnwk.1d/i/tim2/2013/09/03/legoscientist2.jpg
SPI 3221.3.1
SPI 3221.3.2
SPI 3221.3.3
SPI 3221.3.4
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