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OCR AS PE Altitude Training

No description

Mr Kerr

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of OCR AS PE Altitude Training

Is it GOOD or BAD? Effects of Altitude on the Respiratory system Altitude Training Research On your tables Exposure to High altitude has significant effect upon Due to hypoxic conditions Conflicting and mixed There are 3 main methods of altitude training which have mixed and conflicting research At altitude (+1500m) PP (Partial Pressure) Oxygen in the atmospheric air is significantly reduced HYPOXIC PERFORMANCE It is this reduction in PP that causes a sequence of knock on effects Decrease the efficiency of the respiratory processes and consequently negates performance Performance can be worse at Altitude Body adapts by increasing Erythropoietin Stimulates an increase in red blood cell production Increase in capillarisation (EPO) Banned for using EPO Main benefit is that when you return to sea level Increase Oxygen carrying capacity VO2 MAX This will increase aerobic-based performance Indicates that training at Altitude provides No SIGNIFICANT additional benefit to that achieved at sea level High altitudes prevent athletes training at the same intensity and volume Due to HYPOXIC Air Decreasing VO2 max Has a detraining effect Any adaptations that occur are not significant and are short lived so only offer an advantage for few days after returning to sea level Although the actual performance at altitude decreases It will help athletes to adapt and perform better than those having not acclimatised to altitude conditions Research and discuss 1 of the Altitude training methods below in relation to their benefits to improving performance Live High Train High Live Low Train High Live High Train Low Insufficient levels of Oxygen Altitude Training
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