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CH 17 Their Eyes Were Watching God

No description

Nataly Nguyen

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of CH 17 Their Eyes Were Watching God

Imagery examples/ effect
What is Hurston's purpose for including Tea Cake's beating of Janie and Janie's absence in the chapter?
The Everglades "De Muck"
Big Lake Okeechobee
Mrs. Turner's restaurant
Narrator/ POV
Third person
Black vernacular
Fast rhythm (Mrs. Turner freaks out, 152)
dramatizes actions
distinct Everglades accent (Coodemay, 150).
Cultural, Informal, Personal (names)
Dialogue= framework
"Forgetting" parallels?
drunk Coodemay and Sterrett
TC and Janie
Turner and Miami
Hurston, nature of women
Chapter 17 TEWWG
Provide a more in-depth glimpse of life in the muck
Show the reality of Tea Cake and Janie's relationship
More insight on characters
Matter-of-fact: when TC beats Janie
off-putting, upsetting
Relaxed, almost lethargic: meal
pacifies reader
Fiery, indignant
action buildup
shows rage, rash decisions
tone builds in emotion
Mrs. Turner introduces her brother to Janie
Tea Cake whipped Janie during the same week
Saturday afternoon: work tickets were turned into cash
Spent money on "coon-dick" (liquor)
Saturday night: an all out brawl at Mrs. Turner's diner
Power and status
"'Right now she got money enough in de bank . . .'" (148).
"'Reckon she done heard 'bout dat money yo' wife got in de bank . . ." (149).
Work tickets
party, getting drunk
A pipe
calmness, nonchalance
". . . she saw her husband sitting over there in the corner with his long bony legs all crossed up smoking his pipe" (152).
short, simple
Black vernacular
"But when Ah git tuh peepin' through mah likker, dey tell me Ah'm uh mess" (153).
Effect: see Everglades culture
emph. importance of interactions bet. characters
Character Development
Tea Cake
We find out what type of a person he really is
Cunning and deceptive (p.150-151)
Seems to treat Janie as an equal but has a need to be in control (p.148)
Becomes less outspoken and more reserved
She truly loves Tea Cake
Willing to take a beating to satisfy him; positives will outweigh the negatives
most important devices/points
"Being able to whip her reassured him in possession" (147).
class division
"'And she down heah on de muck lak anybody else'" (148).
"'. . . heard dat woman tell mah wife Ah'm too black fuh her'" (148).
Speech vs. silence
Class and society
Need for control/dominance
Love and relationship vs. independence
best sentence
"The way he petted and pampered her as if those two or three face slaps had nearly killed her made the women see visions and the helpless way she hung on him made men dream dreams" (147).
"'See dat! Mah woman would spread her lungs all over Palm Beach County . . .'" (148).
"Their likker told them to go from place to place pushing and shoving . . ." (149)
To portray Tea Cake's true self
Character development: specifically with Janie
She believes she has found true love/the man she has been looking for
Willing to appease him in the name of love
"The way he petted and pampered her . . . made the women see visions . . . the helpless way she hung to him made men dream dreams" (147).
How different this relationship is
true love
". . . broken dishes and crippled up tables and broken-off chair legs and window panes and such things" (151-152).
How out of control the situation got
Janie doesn't speak
Short sentences
Little imagery
Fast pace
More dramatic than usual
Lots of alliteration
Dynamics of conversation
Show conflict (esp. TC & Mrs.)
Look at smaller characters
Curiosity-> Janie?
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