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Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence?

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Muhammad Ahmad

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence?

Opening Statement
Everyone has played video games now a days. But, have they made you commit a crime? Or murder someone? Me and Zack here both have different views. I believe that they don't cause any harm, while he does. There can be some benefits to playing video games, like relieving stress, and having fun, but they don't make you a bad person.
Pro's / Video Games ARE Bad
1. Violent Video Games desensitize players to real-life violence. In a 2005 study, violent video game exposure has been linked to reduced P300 amplitudes in the brain, which increases aggressive behavior.
2. Video games often reward players for simulating violence, thus letting kids know that violence is okay.
3. Violent Video games increase aggressive behavior. A bunch of studies have shown that it takes longer for kids who have played violent video games to calm down.
Con's / Video Games AREN'T Bad
1. Video game players understand they are playing a game. They know that it's just for entertainment.
2. There is a rating system for violent video games, in which you have to be 17 or older to purchase them. If parents buy them for their kids, they probably know that their kid is mature enough to play the game.
3. Exposure to violent video games has not been shown to be predictive of violent behavior or crime. Any link found between video games and violence is linked to family violence.
It's In Statistics!
A 2008 called
Grand Theft Childhood
reported that 60% of middle school boys who played at least one Mature-rated game hit or beat up someone, compared to 39% of boys that did not play Mature-rated games.
A 2000 FBI report includes playing violent video games in a list of behaviors associated with school shootings.

Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence?
There Is No Hard Proof!
There has been no solid evidence
which claims that violent video games
are the cause of youth violence. I under-
stand how there are studies claiming that violent video games are the cause, but these studies have major flaws. The subjects that have been tested and have had a history of family violence, which can explain their behavior.

The Story of Columbine
On April 20, 1999 there was a massive school shooting. Two seniors who played violent video games shot up a school. They killed 12 students, 1 teacher, and wounded 24 students.
Closing Statement
Violent Video Games are fun to play, but aren't meant to be taken seriously. They're made for entertainment. The story of Columbine shows two seniors making a bad decision. They both liked video games, but is that really the cause? You decide.
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