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Anti-Virus Software

Mobashir Hussain and Navil Saad


on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Anti-Virus Software

Anti-Virus Software
Purpose of Anti - Virus Software
Detect Prevent and Improve Computer From Malicious Viruses

Types of Viruses
Browser Hijacker

Trojan Horses


Importance of AntiVirus
99.9% of virus related problems come form WIINDOWS OS

Protects Computer and User Data

Why risk being scammed?
- Anti-Virus is a must have

- Fred Cohen & Bernd Fix (co-founder)

- Thanks for tuning in :D
Different Types of Softwares
Norton 360 + AntiVirus


Microsoft Security Essentials

Browser Hijacker
Spreads FAST

Found when downloading

Terrible of computer
Spyware and Adware
Spreads itself throughout computer

Steals personal information

Malicious Pop Ups (adware)
Bernd Fix - Co-Creator
German Scientist

Researched on Computer Viruses

Resolved Vienna Virus

Another Genius :D
HOW and WHY?
Protection agianst wide range of online, internal, external threats

Fix neutralized the virus by developing the code

Cohen wrote algorithms on fixing it
Fred Cohen

American Computer Scienctist

Who Created AntiVirus Software?
Provide Computer and User Security
Tom & Jerry :D
Questions - Mobashir Hussain

1. Which operating system company has the most chance of being infected by viruses?
a) Windows
b) MAC
c) Android
d) Linux

2. Who wrote the algorithm for creating Anti-Virus Software?
a) Bernd Fix
b) Bill Gates
c) Fred Cohen
d) Both a and c

3. What is the purpose of Anti-Virus Software?
a) User safety & improves OS
b) Improves OS & protects computer
c) User safety & protects computer
d) User safety, protects computer & improves OS

4. Which of the following are computer viruses?
a) Adware & software bugs
b) Software bugs and spyware
c) Both a and c
d) Computer worms

5. What does BHO stand for?
a) Basic Host Object
b) Browser Helper Object
c) Browser Host Object
d) None of the above

6. Which of the following are Anti-Virus Softwares?
a) Spyware 360
b) Kaspersky
c) Microsoft OSX Anti Virus
d) All of the above

7. What is the best definition of spyware?
a) Briefly messages the user on incoming pop ups
b) Briefly messages the user as a scammer
steals personal information
c) Steals information
d) All of the above

Questions - Navil
8) What was the first ever program that had
the capability of eliminating viruses?
a) Creeper
b) Reaper
c) Viper
d) Keiper

9) When was the first ever real anti-virus software developed?
b) 1988
c) 1982
d) 1986

10) What was the first ever
virus eliminated by an anti-virus software program?
a) Oslo virus
b) boot virus
c) Vienna virus
d) brain virus

11) What does an adware do?

a) direct user to pop-ups and ads
b) steals personal information
c) delete files and folders
d) slow down computer

12) Who was the first to coin the term
"Computer virus" and "Anti-virus technologies"?

a) Fred Cohen
b) Bernd Fix
c) John McAfee
d) Eugene Kaspersky

13) What is the purpose of a browser hijacker?

a) delete files and folders
b) steals personal information
c) slow down computer
d) take over browser

14) Who stated that no algorithm
can perfectly detect all viruses?
a) Bernd Fix
b) Eugene Kaspersky
c) Fred Cohen
d) John McAfee
15) Which is NOT an anti-virus software?

a) Kaspersky internet security
b) Norton Anti-Virus
c) Mac OS X anti-virus
d) McAfee anti-virus
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