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Bayou High School

A NEW Vision!

Soo Han

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Bayou High School

Bayou High School The Good, The Bad,
and the NEW! Shaping the NEW Direction for our Students I. Where are we NOW? Racial inequity lack best practices Professional Development TRUST Stuck in the 'Good o Days'~ Making Assumptions... Poverty = Lack of Structure 2. The DATA A Close look at Bayou Poverty does NOT equal insubordination! Racial inequities amongst staff... LARGE inequitity in student performance based on race:
African American and Latino students perform worst on assessment RACIAL INEQUITY in
Curriculum and
Suspension Rates Racial inequity in drop out rates... Racial inequity in attendance rates... White students are
just as problematic...
however, is that the
perception? 4. Resources 5. Potential "Potholes" 3. Desired Outcomes Trusting Environment Continous Professional Development Community Relationships Rigorous Curriculum 6. Goals Staff
Program Knowledge
Relationship Building Skills District Funding Community Organizations Teacher Burnout Student discomfort Division of Staff Over involved community Short Term
Long Term Monthly Attendace and Referral data review One PBL lesson in first nine weeks Weekly walk throughs All classes offered to all students Staff Meetings Trusting relationship between staff, students, and community Increase student attendace Increase students attending college Increase number of advance classes taken by students More community involvement
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