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Family Members

No description

Aerial Ward

on 14 May 2011

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Transcript of Family Members

Family Members Aerial Ward
is my sister
and she is 13 years old Shajuana Harris/George
is my mama
and she is beautiful..and
we have no clue how old she is..
but we think she is 33..! Squeaky,
is my brother and he is
8 years old..!..crazy crazy boy Tommy George,
is my step-daddy and he is
38..of as he says..!...he isnt foolin
anybody. Desiree Green,
is my cousin and she is 16
and goes to berkner..!... Barry Green,
is my cousin and he is 13
years old and looks 10..!... Destiny Green
is my cousin and she is 11
and goes to audelia creek.. Kimberly
auntie..i think
she is 30..?. who
knows.! Daniel Green.
is my cousin and
she is 14..and yeah..
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