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Bud,Not Buddy "Rules"

Giulia and Olivia

olivia grande

on 13 February 2012

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Transcript of Bud,Not Buddy "Rules"

f Bud Not Buddy"Rules" Bud's Rule in chp 5 is : If a adult tells you not to worry,and you werent worried before, you better hurry up and start 'cause you're already running late. Text to self I can conect to this because when ever my parents get mad at me my cousin always tells me not to worry but I was never worrying. So then I always start to worry when she tells me not to worry. Is there something to be learned and applied in everyday life? Dont believe everything that adults say because the might not keep there word.Like they might lie to you to make you do somthing or make you happy when your sad. what do you think about this rule What does this say about bud This quote tells us that in the situation bud does not really trust what an adult would say. Bud thinks that some of the adults might lie to him just to get bud to do something. This tells us that Bud is very protected of him self and he does not want anything to happen to him Disccribe the situation in with this quote was used The situation that Bud was in was that he was thinking when he used to be with his mom and he would always have conversations with his mom, Bud would always say yes mama or i dont know mama I think that this is a very good rule because it is teaching us to be our own person and not always beliving everything everyone says. Bud's rule in chp # 2 If you got to tell a lie make shure it is simple and easy to remember Text To Text This reminds of a book that i read, there was a girl that always lied and she always told a different lie and it was short and easy to remember thats why everybody believed her but she had no more lies to tell. So she told one of her old lies and she kept tellling the same lie over and over again than she finally got busted. Is there something to be learned and applied in everyday life? dont lie because lieing can get you into something that you do not want to be in like getting in toruble by the teacher or your parents and dont lie to your friend because then you get into big fights What do you think about this rule? I think that this Rule is a good rule because you should never lie because you get into big fights that you do not want to be in. What does this say about Bud? This tells us that bud is a person who likes to lie but he makes them short and easy to remember.He makes shure that the lies are not bad and they wont afend people. He remembers not to tell the same lies over and over again. Discribe the situation in wich this quote was used In this situation Bud punches Todd because Todd made Bud wet his bed. Todd lies to his mom, he said " oh mother i was only trying to help and... and look where its gotten me. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING By:Giulia and Olivia
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