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Future Technology

No description

Paige Lindsay

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Future Technology

By Paige Lindsay Future Technology My Opinion Future Transport Future Games Video's of Future Technology Disadvantages Future Homes I think that Future Technology will help some people but not everyone, I think it could cause conflict with the public and there maybe a war. Children will be addicted towards these new things that are coming out and this itself could cause conflict betweens family's and you would be unhappy and the population could go down. This includes cars, aeroplanes and helicopters all sorts of transport. This will help future cars etc, to improve on what they had before, for example hovering cars, folded aeroplanes etc.

Source: google.com/futretechnology In the near future there will be some new games coming out, for example new iPods, improved PSPS, improved Xbox's etc. They maybe play music in different ways, the shape could be circular or square so there could be loads of different things that could be happening with Future Entertainment A Video of future Robots
Source: youtube.com People will get addicted to the improved technology
Corrupt people's mind
Fill children's head with non-sense
People will spend more time on there electronics then they do with their family so it could cause a problem with the whole family Korea has come up with some new home fetaures such as new bathtubs with a built in computer, a big iPod, phone's that can turn on the heater or radiator and they have even created new and improved computer devices to go into the kitchen such as kitchen stoves, toaster etc. Advantages of Future Technology Help people in need
Improve the technology that we have today
Help people learn better
May stop poverty
More money/profit
People would by more of the new and improved things
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