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The seer of shadows

No description

Maha maha

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of The seer of shadows

BY: AVI THE SEER OF SHADOWS! The book Focus chapter: Leading up to the chapter" Leading up to the chapter Leading up to the chapter Chapter Summary Ending Chapter # 17
I choose this chapter because, this chapter was very interesting. It was one of the scary chapters and I really liked it. Also, in this chapter another conflict starts. -14 year old, Horace has been raised to think scientifically and logically, which means he does not believe in ghosts
- He became an apprentice ( helper) to a photographer
-One day, Mrs. Von macht and her servant (Pegg) come to take a picture of Mrs. Von macht to put on her daughter's grave
-When miss von macht was telling the photographer about her daughter, the servant was shaking her head in disagreement
- Now the photographer has to fake a ghost picture to be put on the grave of Mrs.Von macht daughter
-Pegg tells Horance that Mrs.Von macht didn't actually like Elenora (the dead girl) she wasn't even her daughter. It was her sister's daughter, and she adopter her because she was rich, and she died because Mrs.Von macht made her starve to death
-When Horance goes to capture picture of photos around the house of Elenora, he captures a picture of an empty wall by accident
-When he goes home to print the pictures, he find out he took a picture of the real ghost and not a
photo on the wall, and Elenora was mad -Horance tells his photographer, but he says" that's non sense"
-then they combine the picture of Mrs.Von macht
and the picture of the photo of elenora to create a
picture of Mrs.Von macht and a ghost figure of Elenora in the back
-When they go to give her the photo something strange happens.... -When Horance was giving mrs.Von macht the picture, he saw beside her a face! It was Elenora's ( the ghost) face, and then it disappeared
-Horance gave mrs.Vonmacht the picture and she started at it for so long
-Then she asked the photogrpaher do you see anything behind me? he says no. then she asks Horance, when he takes the picture to see, he does not see the photo of the girl they put, but they see another ghost in the photo and she was angry. - Elenora was planning for revenge, because Mrs.Von macht is the one that adopted for the money then made her starve to death.
-Pegg, Horance and Elenora plan a way to get revenge, and then they do. Mrs. Von macht dies.
-Pegg(the servant) has no wear to go, so Horance takes her with him to his parents to live with them
-When Horance turns 18 he gets married to Pegg and they get 1 child, they call her Elenora Literary Devices: Imagery: "Mrs.Von macht finally lifted her head, her eyes were open wider than normal. Her cheeks were flushed, too, while her lips were parted, as if she were in need of air"
This described her a lot, I could clearly have a good image of how she looked like at that moment.

Imagery: "another beautiful autumn day, air fresh and bright, the city stench and smoke retreat, Fifth Avenue trees primed with orange, yellow and red. True, all would soon be brittle and gray-more dust added to the city's grime- New York City's beauty was there for seeing.
This also described the setting in that event very well, I had a clear image of what it looks like.

Did you know that? -Avi, the author, has Dyslexia.
-His real name is Edward Irving Wortis. He got the name Avi from his twin when he was one.
-He has a twin sister, Emily Wortis Leider.
-Avi has written 71 books and is coming out with more.
-The first book he published was in 1970.
-Avi has won many awards
-He won a newbery medal- winning author of the book "crispin" Why do you think Mrs.Von macht lied to the photographer and to Horance about Elenora? and why did she want the picture? Characterization: "I was startled to see a black girl stamding just beyond our low iron gate, dressed in her somber cotton servant's garb. A tiny wisp of curly black hair poked out from beneath the white cap. Her posture was upright, quite proud, and no at all deferential. Her smooth face, round and dark, seemed to devoid of emotion until I noticed her eyes: they were full of
a deep and brooding intensity."
This part described the servant (Pegg) very well, it was very easy for
me to picture her in my mind.
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