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CV and Cover letter writing

Sport, Healt and Exercise Sciences- Placement Module 2554

on 11 October 2018

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Transcript of CV and Cover letter writing

What is a CV? What is it for?
Outline of educational and professional history
Tip 1
Brief and factual
Main purpose to GET the INTERVIEW!
Tip 2
Different for every job
Study the job advert and website
What employers want
Think of your main selling points
How to start?
List all your education and work experience
Identify what skills you have developed
Match your skills and experience
Provide evidence!

1 or 2 pages
Consistent font types and sizing
Reverse chronological order
No spelling mistakes or grammatical errors

Tip 3 :
Ensure that the most relevant information is on the first page

Contact details
Education section
Employment History section
Professional Skills section
Split into section
Use headlines to attract attention
Simple crisp fonts (Arial, Calibri and Times New Roman)
No less than size 10 in normal font
Avoid gaps
Simple sentences/bullet points
Language &Terminology
Cover letters
Concise and professional (1 page)

1) Introduction
2) Why you're applying to
specific company
3) Why they should choose

CV and Cover letter writing
Dr Stefania Pepitoni - Placement Adviser
Check, check and check again
Use positive and professional language:

Planned Completed Designed Developed Responsible for Managed Generated Organised

Effective Persistent Accomplished Loyal Methodical Motivated Efficient Energetic Enterprising Enthusiastic Proficient Reliable Self-starter Strong Successful Trustworthy Driven Sharp
Tip 4: PDF


Quick query or Career appointment

Visit Job Shop
Book an appointment!
Personal Information

Your name, address, telephone number, email address and Linkedin URL.
No photos, logos, date of birth, gender, nationality or NI number!

Short statement or bullet points to show your strengths and experience.
Support your claims with examples!

Reverse chronological order
Brunel University London, degree, list year 2 modules and then year 1 (with grades).
One line with A Levels and one with GCSEs

Current and previous work experience (including dates, job titles and responsibilities).
Highlight the skills you developed during your employment.

Include IT skills & Languages- be specific


School prefect, team captain, head boy/girl , grade 8 piano etc.

Sports, hobbies or voluntary work. Make sure that it adds value.

Available upon request.

that you've done your research

demonstrate this when discussing why you are applying to that company and to that particular role.

that you understand your strengths & how they relate to the role

demonstrate this by providing examples to back up the RELEVANT skills & experience you write about
e.g. I thrive in a busy environment and as a sales assistant I was able to demonstrate my interpersonal skills; communicating with customers confidently and persuasively.

that you are interested and willing to learn/work hard

A strong cover letter will show:

Enthusiasm is very appealing
Show a willingness to learn
Demonstrate that you'll work hard to develop your skills

but also

Believable? “
I have an awesome ability to communicate

Better? “
Through various team projects, I have developed effective communication skills

Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences- Level 2
7 seconds
(Number of seconds recruiters spend reviewing CV )
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