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water pollutant

david beckham

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Lead

(Pb) Lead Dangers:
Lead is a toxic metal. Lead may cause a range
of health effects including behavioral problems
and learning disabilities. Children six years old
and under are most at risk because this is when
the brain is developing. Sources:
Drinking water from lead pipes.
Lead-based paint from houses
Lead in ground water
Ways to reduce lead content in water:
If water in a faucet is not used for six hours or longer, flush the pipes by running cold water through it until the water is colder. The more time water sits in your home’s pipes, the more lead and other dissolved metals the water may contain.
Hot water may contain higher levels of lead. How to measure
The only way to know the amount of lead in your household water is to have your water tested. Many certified labs in Washington perform these tests for $20 to $40 per test. dlkfjsdofgn
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