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Storytelling in 140 Characters (or less)

Using Social Media to Support Your Mission

GoalBusters Consulting

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Storytelling in 140 Characters (or less)

Storytelling in 140 Characters (or less) Alice Ferris, ACFRE
GoalBusters LLC @aliceferris facebook.com/goalbusters blog.goalbusters.com alice.ferris@goalbusters.net www.goalbusters.net Why social media?
Who is our audience and What do they want
What kinds of messages can we use
How can you use storytelling to improve your content Visuals engage People have a relationship with us
It may not be in person first Inform, Entertain, Call to action
Remove barriers to participation
Have a voice
Make them a part of the story
"Virtual porch" What should I say? Entertain
Call to Action Use pictures
Quotes from real people
Give people a peek behind the curtain
Encourage and reinforce when others start to tell your story too Agenda “Your company's social media personality should be your company's corporate personality after exactly one beer.”
-Ross McCammon, Esquire Always selling
Always talking to someone else
Always asking questions
Posting things that aren't useful
Posting on other's walls all the time
Tweeting a list of names
No room for RT Audience types Loyalists Stalkers Lurkers Test Driver Information Entertainment Action Lifespan Twitter: 1 hour (RT drops 97%)
Facebook: Maybe a day
LinkedIn: 1 week Information General content tips Entertainment Use pictures
Quotes from real people
Give people a peek behind the curtain
Periodically yell “Squirrel!” Call to Action Calls to action are like the boy who called wolf
Use pictures
Quotes from real people
Encourage and reinforce when others start to tell your story too Storytelling goals
Act Classic
Structure "Introduce your hero, get him up a tree, throw rocks at him, then get him out of the tree"
-- Robert McKee (and George M Cohan) Storytelling...
Creates connections
Helps people understand
Holds people's attention
Encourages people to act Who is our hero? What does the hero do? What obstacles stand in the way? What's the happy ending?
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