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jasmeet Saggi

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Familiar date isn't it April 15 1972 The beginning Later on Later later on How much we love her Laeter later on She OH god When she was born she was so darn cute but yet naughty . She had a cute smile.

But when she grew up on her report card she got all A's .

She was one of the smartest in school. Later on she got married.
Then from kamaljit Saini she became Devinder Saggi's Lawfull wife = Kamajit Saggi Then she had babies the first one she had was
had pretty eyes
Had a cute smile
Then when the baby grew up she turned out to be slightly different from what her mom expected She became a housewife but she wasn't an normal house wife she was a super woman . She's the most special mom in the world we love her more than anybody.
she's the most fabulous wife . i love her more than i love my kids.
Our mom calls us her little chickens
Her mom thinks she the best in the whole world. She is now turning 40. The more older she gets the more wiser she becames .

She helps us with our homework, feeds us, bathes us and even scolds us but in a nice way. So if u haven't noticed who she is well that special, fabulous nice, sweet , pretty and Awesome person i my But then the second child was
had a cute smile
he turned out to be what they expected She did many things i couldn't do like
Cleaning the house
did more than 5 things at a time
cooked for others than herself
raised her children
helped others around the neighborhood MOM - KAMALJIT SAGGI
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