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Microaggressions & Social Work Practice

Discover and Address Daily Slights in the LGBT Community

Micah Johnson

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Microaggressions & Social Work Practice

and SW Practice:
Daily Slights in the
LGBT Community.

Pushed down stairs. Books thrown down.
Called Names. Told God Hates Fags.
Not allowed to go to Prom. Locker Broken Into.

"Death by a thousand papercuts"
(Sue, 2010)
Be able to define types of microaggressions
and presence of heteronormativity.
Be able to identify the social and psychological implications of microaggressions.
Recognize opportunities and strategies for increasing cultural competence in social work practice in light of the course content.
"Brief and commonplace daily
indignities that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative racial slights and insults twoard members of oppressed groups. (Nadal, 2011)
(Sue, 2010)
Overt Forms of Discrimination

"I will not have a lesbian daughter"
"Faggot" or "Dyke"
Rainbow flags burnt or torn
Unknowingly sending heterosexist messages (Nadal, 2011)
Exclusive wording on forms
Exclusive labels in communication "husband, wife"
No movies, literature, etc. with gay or lesbian themes
"I don't know why he doesn't bring home a nice girl"
Couples weekend will involve his and her giftbags
statements that negate or nullify the realities of members of oppressed groups (Nadal, 2011)
Male telling female "sexism doesn't exist"
Straight male to gay male "heterosexism doesn't exist"
(To a member of oppressed group)
You're making too big of a deal out of it.
Sexual orientation microaggressions include the following themes:
Use of heterosexist terminology
Endorsement of heteronormative culture and behaviors
Discomfort with or disapproval of LGBT experience
Assumption of sexual pathology and abnormality
(Sue, 2010)
Psychological and social implications (Sue, 2010:
Mental Health
Anger, frustration, self-esteem emotional turmoil
Hostile and invalidating campus or work climate
Perpetuate Stereotype Threat
Create Physical Health Problems
Saturate broader society with cues that signal devaulation of social group identities
Lower work productivity and problem solving
Did this really occur?

Should I respond to this micro aggression?

How should I respond?
composed & deliberate
social support
Be open to discussing, exploring, & clarifying
(engender trust and seal a realtionship)

Healing and liberating effect on marginalized group members

Not "cover up" but "how to recover."
Social Work

Cluse-Tolar, et al., 2004

Hylton, 2004

Newman, Bogo, & Daley, 2008

Swank & Raiz, 2010

Chonody, Rutledge, & Siebert, 2009

Sue, 2010
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