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How to Handle a Child With Autism

This presentation will teach you what autism is and what you can do to handle it.

Suzanne Murphy

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of How to Handle a Child With Autism

How to Handle a Child with Autism What is Autism? Signs of Autism Delay in speaking
Repetitive movement
Little eye contact
Lack of interest in relationships
Lack of creativity
Obsession of parts of object Autism is a disorder of the neural development distinguished by
reduced social interaction and repetitive behavior. Facts About Autism

Affects 1 in 110 children
More prevalent in boys
Costs the U.S. $35 billion each year Treatment of Autism

Autism therapy is an extensive
process that involves family and
a team of highly-trained therapists.
Parents are taught how to help the
child, and the child is taught how
to live in the real world i.e. learning
how to talk and interact with others. Living with autism is very stressful

You don't know what your child wants
It is difficult getting him or her to sleep
at night
The child can hurt himself
Struggles with taking the child outside
Can parents provide care in the future
for the child?
Expensive Dealing with Stress

Deep breathing/relaxation exercises/meditation
Writing in a journal
Keeping a daily schedule of things to accomplish
Joining others in advocacy efforts at the local, state or federal level
Individual, marital or family counseling April is Autism Awareness Month!
Educate others on this devestating
condition! Support Autism Through These Great Organizations!

Autism Speaks
Autism Society
Safe and Sound What Can Be Done?

Research the disorder and educate
others on it
Donate to some of the organizations
mentioned earlier
Participate in walk events and other
community events
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