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The Importance of Word Choice in Writing

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April Wilson

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of The Importance of Word Choice in Writing

The Importance of Word-choice in Writing
Specific and memorable word choice is a trait of good writing.
The best words to use in any kind of writing, both creative and even for essays are words that add meaning, tone, and style to your writing
Word choice is also called
Style: the way you put together words in your writing.
We are going to practice choosing words to create a memoir.
memoir: a short personal story
How many words do you think you would need to tell a personal story effectively?
Each of you is going to read a Six-Word Memoir now and interpret it in your own way. In your writers notebook, what do you think the story is behind the author's words?
Who had this one?

Never really finished anything, except cake.

Carletta Perkins
What is the story behind this? What kind of person is she? What choices does she make with her words?
How about this one?

I still make coffee for two.

Bjorn Stromberg
What can we guess, or infer, has happened? How does he feel about it?

I grew up in a cemetery.

Rachel Hanel
Why did she grow up in a cemetery? What kind of person would that make her?
Closing: Look at the word you chose at the beginning of class to describe you an your life. Is there a stronger, more specific word you could use instead? What is it? Explain why you think this word is stronger.
In your writer's notebook, write a paragraph that expresses the word you chose without actually using the word. See the example for inspiration. This paragraph should be 5-7 sentences.
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