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Julius Caesar

No description

Keara Henry

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar
Keara Henry
How did he come to power?
Eventually the 2 other men died, and in 44BCE Caesar claimed himself a dictator for life.
Why was he important to Roman culture?
What were some achievements?
He dealt with unemployment and debt in an attempt to bring Rome back to it's wealthy state.
Added all of Gaul to the republic
Gave citizenship to those in the provinces
Gave public land to veterans
What was his downfall?
After Caesar claimed himself dictator for life, he was stabbed to death
44 BCE
Since Julius was a sole-leader, some feared he would gain too much power. To solve this problem, 60 of his senators plotted to kill him. They were succesful, and a new triumvirate was elected.
As of today, Julius Caesar is still remembered for

Who was Julius Caesar before dictatorship?
Caesar was one of the men that helped to end the republic
Former military leader (said to have never lost a battle)
Son of Gaius Caesar

Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus decided to take over Rome as the first Triumvirate (form of government using 3 leaders).
 http://www.ancient.eu.com/article/112/
 http://www.historyrocket.com/roman-history/julius-caesar/Achievements-Of-Julius-Caesar.html  Class notes
 World History "Human Legacy" textbook

Caesar previously governored
here before beginning a dictatorship
in Rome.
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