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Computing (internals of a computer)

No description

Kevin Dang

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Computing (internals of a computer)

Computer Engineering
This branch of engineering combines both electrical engineering and computer science to create hardware and software.
What do they really do?
From using electrical skills to programming skills, computing includes creating intricate components to writing code in order to integrate it into the bigger picture.
Electrical Field
The electrical field is related to chemical engineering today via how small computer compenents such as CPU's and GPU's are made.
What happens after?
After the required computer components are produced and ready to go, a specialist builds it, placing each individual part into a motherboard in which unites everything.
Although computing has fairly little relations with chemical engineering, certain chemical aspects still retain through making the individual parts.
Chemical Process
An everyday computer is made up of steel, glass, silica sand, gold, etc.
Computing (internals of a computer)
The process of these elements is to refine them enough to be usable in a home. In other words, chemical engineers need to purify, etch, and clean the materials to be used.
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