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SalesCloud rollout

No description

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of SalesCloud rollout

Market leading CRM system
LGC Group decision on Salesforce platform
Integrates with Desk.com and Pardot
Far superior functionality to IFS CRM
Easy to use and access remotely
Why SalesCloud?
SalesCloud rollout
“I’m really pleased that Standards is moving over to SalesCloud. It’s a major investment for the business, it should take us a long way forward in terms of efficiency and effectiveness and we absolutely have to ensure we get the most out of it. I want every user to think about the data they are entering, and how it will be used because if we put quality data into the system, it will provide a fantastic resource for our sales and marketing efforts. We will be able to produce meaningful reports quickly and easily, providing insight into how successful our activities are and saving admin time. All these benefits however depend upon the quality of the data we put into the system and the fact that the system must be used in a diligent and consistent manner by everyone."
Why it matters
Where does it fit with other systems?
Data flow between systems
IFS CRM will be phased out
After your training today,
do not
enter data into IFS CRM
IFS CRM will be archived
IFS back office
is not affected
What happens with IFS?
Sales people can enter contacts directly into SalesCloud
Where do I add contacts now?
Data entry guidelines - in training manual
All fields marked with
red line
must be filled in
You must chose a relevant sector for each contact
An opportunity is defined as business worth over £3,000
All meetings must be recorded as an activity - a more detailed visit report can also be created
Guidance and conventions
You can stop using IFS CRM!
New contacts can be added into Pardot or SalesCloud
Pardot, SalesCloud and Desk.com are integrated. IFS is not
Data quality and completeness is vital
All sales activity must be recorded
Key points to remember
John Ball
Customer services can use a form to enter prospects directly into Pardot:
Contacts associated with a sales order no longer need to be entered into CRM first - simply create your contact in IFS back office
Data quality and individuals' usage patterns will be monitored. If you have any issues please contact us
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