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The Sound of Waves

No description

Dechen Yangzom

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of The Sound of Waves

The Sound of Waves Yukio Mishima Yasuo Characterization SHINJI Rich
Cowardly Hard working
Loyal Hatsue Yasuo Shinji “Yasuo was the proud and bragging owner of a watch with luminous dial... In Yasuo’s opinion the mere ownership of such a wonderful watch made him by rights a favorite with women” “Someone clapped Chiyoko on the shoulder and she turned around. It was Yasuo Kawamoto, the president of the Young Men’s Association. He stood there laughing, his leather jacket glistening in the sun” Traditionalism vs Modernization Theme LOYALTY
Loyalty was important in many relatonships in the novel, such as between family memebers and lovers, but also in smaller ways. Between
Lovers Hatsue and Shinji ""Oh, Shinji-san, let us go on truly, with strong hearts! Every day i will be praying before the memorial tablets of my mother and brother..."" (111) "... every night after he returned from fishing... prowl about the neighborhood of Hatsue's house" ... "Sometimes an upstairs window would be thrown open and Hatsue would look out." (120) Between
Family The loyalty between Shinji's family, and Hatsue's family "...he knew how to smear his explanation thoroughly with insulting colors, and in a fit of rage Hiroshi went flying at Sochan." (101) "But when it came to its being her own son's affair that was the subject of malicious gossip, then there was a moshterly duty that she would have to perform." (103) "... [he - Terukichi] became terribly angry and commanded that I must never see Shinji-san again." (110) The Dead "Reaching their father's grave, their mother arranged the flowers she had brought and,... finally succceeded in lighting the incense. Then she had her sons bow before the grave, while she herself bowed behind them." (35) Hatsue to Yasuo Even though what he did was wrong, Hatsue, if only for a while, keeps secret what he had tried to do. ""Come on, please don't tell your father? I'll do anything you say..." "Well, if you'll draw the water for me and carry it all the way home..."" (94) LOYALTY conflict develop characters
Symbolism religion faith constancy
Shrine “Yashiro Shrine is dedicated to Watasumi-no-Mikoro, god of the sea.” “They are forever praying for calm seas, and the very first thing they do upon being rescued from some peril of the sea is to make a votive offering at the sea-god’s shrine”
“Before each school excursion Yashiro Shrine did a thriving business in talismans.” (Pg56) S t r u c t u r e Setting
Nature Island - Fishers Village Along the shore, under the brownish pine branches of early spring, the pounding breakers of Irako Channel showed vivid white in the cloudy morning landscape." (13) "...the spring had neared its end. It was still too early for the clusters of crinum lilies... but the fields were clored here and there with various other flowers." (119) Contrast beautiful
peaceful island storms
violent seas ""It used to be a target-observation tower... They watched from here to see where the cannon shells landed."" (30) "There was nothing
but the sound
of the sea roaring
up through the vegetation." (27) Monomyth Structure
"As used within the field of comparative mythology, the term monomyth (often referred to as the hero's journey) refers to a basic pattern found in many narratives from around the world." This structure consists of: A call to adventure

A road of trials

Achieving the goal

Return to the ordinary world

Applying the achievement . Fin :)
Theresa Jurgensen
Dechen Yangzom Pursuing Hatsue

The village rumors, Hatsue's father, Yasuo

Typhoon and buoy

Coming home

The engagement of Hatsue and Shinji
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