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Sports Ministry: Running the Race Together

No description

Bryan Chua

on 28 September 2013

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Transcript of Sports Ministry: Running the Race Together

Sports Ministry: Running the Race Together
The Preconception
The Proposal
1. Objectives

2. Scope

3. Structure

4. Alignment to Mission
The Project
Partnering with Ecomm, Fcomm etc. to form a team consisting of both church members and outsiders to participate in a sports competition

Plugging in the local church with the local community thus raising visibility and spreading the fragrance of Christ through and within the team.
The 'Player'
The Pastor, the coach
The DGL, the role model sportsman (or woman)
The Missionary, to the HDB basketball courts
The Evangelist, to fellow teammates
The YFer, playing for God's glory
The evangelistic event, a sports carnival and motivational talk

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. - 2 Tim. 4:7
Jan-July 2013
July 2013
Sep 2013
- Uncle Mak's Sports and BBQs

- Youth Planning 2012 (Fourth in Top 4 voted ideas)

- Soccer fellowship

- ad hoc YF sports gatherings
CrossRoads Sports Basketball League
- Planning with other Christians from other churches and organisations (FCA, SYFC, AHS)

- Formation of CBC Basketball Team

- Withdrawal from the league
BYWC 2013
- Sports Ministry Seminar with Colo Mero from Nagaland

- Altar Call challenge to do something big, crazy and impossible

- Talk with UKC after Te Amo closing song
Bouncing and Refining the Idea
- Zhengyi and I (Sports Ministry -> SportsComm)

- Bong and Mitchell (SportsComm -> Sports Project)
To raise train and sustain disciples involved in sports
Every player entrenched in Christ, empowered by the Spirit and equipped by the Word for the glory of God.
- facilitate participation in leagues, encourage prayer, serve in local CIP and overseas missions, evangelism and discipleship through sports
CBC Vision 2015
Touching Lives in Compassionate Outreach
- Invite ncts to participate in games (more interaction than CG; complement CG time, MACS)
- Exemplifying the difference Christ makes in sportsmanship when taking part in secular competitions
Desiring God in Passionate Worship
- Playing in confidence, winning or losing for God's glory

- Loving the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and STRENGTH

- Growing in wisdom, in STATURE and in favour with God and man
Following Jesus in Intentional Discipleship
- Platform to engage and disciple outlying youth not involved in ministry

- Teaching Christian values versus Secular emphasis on solely winning
Music, Art, Computers & Sports
Alignment to...
and what the Holy Spirit is doing
- Greater emphasis on sports in Singapore as seen in the creation of MYCS ministry, hosting of YOG 2012, launch of PA's Community Games, etc..

- FCA focus from within USA to throughout the world

- Sudden growth of CBC Soccer fellowship in 2013
CBC Sports Teams
- Centered upon a sport

- Made up of CBC members and their friends
e.g. CBC Soccer Fellowship

- Focus on evangelism and discipleship
Sports Missions
- Help raise publicity for sports missions and participation in them

- Lead to spiritual growth of CBC sports teams and other interested YFers

- Platform to bear fruit through sports
- Having church pastors and/or Christian atheletes speak at Christian competitions and carnivals

- Platform for adult CGs and YF DGs to conduct sports activities with opportunities for testimony sharing, etc.
Sports Competitions
- CBC teams participate in both Secular and Christian competitions

- If secular, focus is on exemplifying Christ-like sportsmanship as well as building up team composition to contain more prebelievers who would not usually participate in Christian events
Reaching Fans (Friends)
- Encourage parents and friends of CBC sports teams to watch competitions

- Platform for evangelism through sharings and community development
CBC and Sports
Youth in Singapore today are interested in
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