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Disappearing Spoon

No description

will painter

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of Disappearing Spoon

Disappearing Spoon
Cadmium hazards
Once the zinc was removed from the cadmium, the miners disposed of the harmful "poison" by dumping it into a river (that was a tributary a village downstream). This caused various problems for the villagers, such as joint pain, deep bone pain (possibly bone marrow), birth defects, cancer, and some victims (mainly women) experienced kidney failure.
The CIA had proposed a plan to assasinate Fidel Castro by lining his socks in Thallium.
Story 1: Cadmium
In 1904, during the Russian Japanese war, there was a very high demand for zinc. This zinc was used for various war materials such as planes, ammunition, guns, and armor plating.
Cadmium victims were shown to more likely contract Lung and Prostate cancer.
Story 2: Thallium
The second story is located in England, and is based around a man named Graham Young. He "experimented" with Thallium by testing it on his family (This killed his Step-mother). He was then sent to a Mental Institution, whereupon, he poisoned 7 patients before escaping. He later killed around 70 more people, and coining the name "The teacup killer," before dying of natural causes in prison.
Cadmium in the Present Era
Today, cadmium is used in various objects such as batteries, computer parts, electroplating, solder, blue/green phosphorous in television sets, and a yellow pigment in paint. There are so many uses for because of its very low boiling point.
Cadmium in Earth's crust
In its natural state, zinc and cadmium mix together, making a mixture of the two. When miners found out this situation, they roasted the mixture, causing the cadmium to break apart from the zinc that they needed.
Thallium is very harmful, even though it never binds to anything once inside the human body. It unravels the amino acid bonds inside protein and their folds. Thallium is so potent, it was named "The Poisoner's Poison."
The poisoners corridor is lead by two elements Cadmium, and Thallium.
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