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Doppleganger Legend

No description

Aileen Martinez

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Doppleganger Legend

We've heard the sayings... You look like
your father! Or You look just
like your mom! But what if you looked EXACTLY like someone else That you didn't even know That wasn't related to you That might not even be human??? This is known as the Legend Definition: one who appears like another = double walker look-alike or double of a living person Doppel(double) Ganger(walker) So what does this mean? It means there is an exact double of yourself. Doppelganger Mythological Interpretations If a family member or friend was ever to see your doppelganger(double), it was a... If you were ever to see your own doppelganger, it was a... SIGN OF DEATH. sign of bad luck. Still not believing it??? First sightings Emilie Sagee 32 yr old French woman teacher She was writing on the board and her doppelganger appeared right behind her as a ghost mimicking her movements. 13 witnesses She left the room and her doppelganger appeared causing no harm to her students. 42 witnesses She claimed to never have seen it herself. Starting to see the picture? Other sightings Father Alonzo de Benavides He took a journey from Spain to New Mexico to teach the christian faith. He met indians who already KNEW the christian faith!? How??? Sister Mary Claimed to have visited them in quote "Not in body but in SPIRIT" being able to describe them with no photos or research. Only proof The indians did a self portrait of her for gratitude without actually seeing her in person. Still need more convincing?? Guy de Maupassant BELIEFS He wrote a story named "Lui" meaning him. It was a story about him being haunted by his doppelganger. John Donne He saw his pregnant wife in Paris away on a business trip, though at the same time his wife had a still born child far away..... Many believe it could just be an identical twin matter Others think it is a more SUPERNATURAL... Can there be any explanations??? There are a few... Schizophrenia(mental disorder by poor emotional responsiveness) could cause illusions Or Failure is the left junction of your brain causing illusions Phantom hauntings caused by guilt But in the end, is there enough proof? Or could it just be a legend? BY: Aileen Martinez Bibliography:
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