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Cinta Withouta

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Biodiversity

Why are living beings in extinction? Types of biodiversity Species Diversity:

Genetic Diversity:

Ecosystem diversity: Bibliography Deforestation and degradation of soil Destruction and alterations of habitats and ecosystems Climate change Pollution of water, soil and atmosphere What is the importance of biodiversity? Hunting and Overfishing What is biodiversity? Nacional/natural parks Protected landscapes Animal shelters botanic gardens/parks Aquariums Germplasm Banks Explotation Animal experimentation Lack of
freedom Lack of
food Farms Circus/Zoo Leather Industry Pesticides Forest fires The term of biodiversity refers to the set of living beings or species on Earth and their interaction with environment.

It is the variability among living organisms on the earth, including the variability within and between species and within and between ecosystems. Harmful chemicals are realeased into the environment Martínez, D. (2009, March 14). La explotación animal. Ecología Verde; Retrieved 22nd September 2012, from http://www.ecologiaverde.com/la-explotacion-animal/ esta O tampoco es!! Biodiversity What is an ecosystem? The term ecosystem refers to the entire community of the organisms which interact within each other and with the non-living components present in their common habitat, maintaining a continuous flow of energy and the natural equilibrium.

It is a structural and functional unit of the biosphere. There are several types of ecosystems on the Earth, and the diversity of species in an ecosystem is influenced by the factors which compose it, and by the ecosystem it self. It refers to the variations in the number of species which cohabit in a specific region. Introducing non-native species Natural selection Less healthy vegetables Kills any living being which is in the surroundings of the planting It refers to the organization of species in an area into distinctive plant and animal communities. We can divide biodiversity into three different types, explained below. Reserves It refers to the variation in the expression of the genetic makeup that exist for each species. Example: If we take as an example the gene that determines the eye color in humans, we can appreciate that various types of colors can be expressed in different species (blue, green, brown, black.etc) The problem of biodiversity loss Over-cultivation Which of the following "habitats" would have more species or taxonomic diversity? Wilson, E. O., & Peter, F. M. . Biodiversity. Washington, D.C., 1988: National Academy Press. Vergara, H.: LA BIODIVERSIDAD - Monografias.com. - Tesis, Documentos, Publicaciones y Recursos Educativos.. Retrieved 21st September , 2012, from http://www.monografias.com/trabajos11/bioltrece To maintain the "natural equilibrium"
There exists an interdependence between the living beings which cohabit in the same ecosystem. To obtain necessary raw matter It is an important source of new materials, since most of the raw materials are obtained from natural resources Obtention of medicines It is the source of most medicines and drugs, as many plants and animals contain potentially beneficial substances that ca help us to fight against different diseases Biodiversity has a huge importance both for our planet and for the human species:
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