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No description

Mr. Stack

on 12 June 2017

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Transcript of Tundra

The Tundra
the cold desert
1. The tundra is called the land of the midnight sun.
2.The tundra has a cold, harsh, windy climate.
3.The tundra is 4,601 miles from the equator.

4.The Arctic Ocean surrounds the arctic tundra.

5.The average amount of rain is 6-10 inches.
The Amazing Griffcock
The griffcock grows a hat of feathers in the winter to keep it warm.
It also has a scarf of fluff in the winter.
It eats lemmings, ermines, and arctic hares.
It drinks the water from spring pools.
It's predators are wolverines, polar bears, and arctic foxes.
Arctic Willow
Arctic Fox
I hope that you enjoyed my prezi.
I also hope that you have learned a little
bit about the tundra. Bye and have a good
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