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C2 - Listens to, reads and views texts (ESL Prework Training Program)


Isabelle Bouchard

on 10 February 2012

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Transcript of C2 - Listens to, reads and views texts (ESL Prework Training Program)

C2 - Listens to, reads and views texts The Competency The Meaning of the Competency
p.7 Key Feature 1 Key Feature 2 Key Feature 3 Evaluation Criteria Activities to keep
for evaluation ? Let's practice! SQUIRT
T - TIME G = Guided;
S = Supported;
A = Autonomously

Translation for a4 level legend on a report card

A progress (S + A + A)
B progress (G + S + A) corresponds to what is expected
C progress (G + G + S)
D progress (G + G + G) Details of the expected progress:
- Lots of help at the beginning of task (G)
- Help when needed later (S)
- Alternating between G and S as task __progresses (G and S)
- Some autonomous stages, especially __towards the end of task (A) Demystifying the “closeness” between 3rd evaluation criteria of C2
and competency “To write texts” Demonstrates
of oral and written texts REINVEST

-make use of understanding
-reuse words and expressions found in texts and resources
-use information and ideas found in texts

to carry out a task



Popular Literary Information-based

Oral texts Written texts
e.g. e.g.
songs comic strips
plays illustrated books
announcements menus

Media : books, brochures, DVDs, Internet sites,
magazines, radio, TV, videos, etc. • Types of texts
• Cultural products
• Various media Activity one
"The Griny Grollers" Do you understand what you have read?
Could you reuse this information to deliver a personalized product? The student prepares to listen to and read texts
using startegies PREPARES TO…
using strategies

using predicting paying attention
prior knowledge the content (concentrating on
of topic of text using the right things)
and language contextual cues
(pictures, pictograms,
background noises,
intonation, titles …)

accepting skimming
not being able (reading
to understand through a
everything text quickly
listened to to get an
or read overview of it) •The student demonstrates understanding
•of oral and written texts

Having pertinent Identifying Using functional
non verbal & describing language & words
reactions key elements drawn from texts
(p.108) to express overall
meaning of texts
using graphic comparing
organizers texts with
retelling own reality …

using strategies
(while listening and reading)

inferencing scanning note taking resourcing … In the elementary program:
•The student carries out meaningful tasks
•using strategies ________________ Example Video MELS
Mary had a Little Lamb Procedures such as
I Read Texts
I Listen to Texts FPT p.19 FPT p.9 Constructing meaning p.7 (FPT) Demonstrate understanding
p.8 (FPT) Demonstrates understanding
by carrying out a task p.9 (FPT)
Key feature C3 in action FPT p.19 Constructs meaning of texts p.9 (FPT) FPT p. 8 & 9 Response Process
p.17 (FPT) Closely linked to C3 This is part of our evaluation
in our "Use of resources"
evaluation criterion of C3
p.12 (FPT) We can plan a team workshop next year to developp some grids.
Would it be an Interest? In the Prework Training Program:
Key feature 3: "Monitors own learning Accepts not beeing able to understand everything
Considers what has been learned and what remains to be learned
Evaluates the effectiveness of strategies ad resources used.
(e.g. decoding a sign, completing a from, completing
a graphic organizer, ordering a meal,
answering questions verbally, in writing, or interactively) Evidence of understanding of texts through the response process
Use of strategies and resources * Evaluation criteria from the New Framework for the Evaluation of Learning
August 2011
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