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Australia's global and regional links - Sport

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Asher Katz

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Australia's global and regional links - Sport

Australia's Global Sporting links By Asher Katz Sport is a important link due to the popularity of sport around the world
Sport around the world is recognised almost as like a religion to millions of people
Sport has opened up many opportunities for investment (e.g. 2010 South Africa World Cup hats)
Australia's biggest global sporting link was the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games
Australia has strong links with many countries due to sport as we are strong competitors in events such as the Commonwealth Games and Asia Cup. Australia and it's sporting links around the world This map shows Australia's links globally during the 2006 Commonwealth Games held in Melbourne, which 71 countries, territories and bodies competed at. The Government's Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is the responsible for managing funds and providing strategic guidance for sporting activity. The ASC is responsible for the Australian Institute of Sport. Government's involvement and Non-Government Organisations 3 NGO's related to Australian Sport Links:
Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) - protection and development of the Olympic movement and the preparation of the Olympic Team.
Australian Sport Foundation Ltd (ASF) - assists the development of sport in Australia by raising funds.
Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) - national body for sports medicine and sports science; acknowledged overseas as the world's leading multi-disciplinary sports medicine body. Australian Sports Commission is also a governing body for Australian Sporting links.

The Australian Sports Commission Act was a treaty placed to improve participation in structured physical activity (e.g. community sport), excellence in sports performance and continued international success. Treaties, Governing body and/or Agreements relevant to the link Social justice is the fair and proper administration of laws that all people are to be treated equally and without prejudice.

quity is being fair or unprejudiced.

The Australian Sports Commission use strategies to display social justice and equity in their workplace:
assisting employees to balance their work and family responsibilities
developing cross-cultural awareness to counter discrimination
preventing workplace harassment
ensuring access and equity for people with a disability Social justice and equity Cultural Advantage: Sport brings many different cultures together.
Cultural Disadvantage: Sports can cause hatred among its viewers (e.g. Russia vs Poland in Football) Cultural, Economic and Geopolitical Advantages and Disadvantages Economic Advantage: Highlights countries for tourism and attracts business investments.
Economic Disadvantage: Costs a lot of time and money to host events and if gone wrong can cause serious issues. Geopolitical Advantage: We interact with other countries and build relations with them.
Geopolitical Disadvantage: Could cause disagreement and result in bad relations.
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