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Algebra 6.01 assignment

For school

Philip Cady

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Algebra 6.01 assignment

Question 1
The following table represents the types of animals and number of visits that saw a veterinarian at the Laurel Animal Hospital last week.

Type of Animal Number of Visits
Cat 5
Dog 7
Rabbit 4
Parrot 12
Use the data to create a dot plot.
Algebra 6.01 assignment
Question 2
The following table shows a survey of students’ favorite things to do after school.

Activity Students
School Clubs 23
Using the Phones 47
Eating Out 36
School Sports 27
Watching TV 21

Would a bar graph or histogram be the best representation of this data? Graph the data set and explain your decision.

Question 3
The following data shows a survey of students’ favorite lunch food.

Food Students
Salad 5
Burger 27
Sandwich 17
Pizza 23

Part 1: Describe the type of data that is included in the table. What type of graphical representation would be best?
Part 2: Graph it.
Part 3: Write one to two sentences summarizing your graph.
Question 4
The track team at BHS had a weigh-in on Friday. Here are the results in pounds: 165, 172, 151, 153, 168, 142, 179, 149, 180, 150, 162, 160, 148, 172, 177, 153, 157, 163, 164, 163, 152, 155, 169, 170

Part 1: Using complete sentences determine what type of graph would best represent this type of data and explain why.
Part 2: Create the data graph that you chose as the most appropriate.
Question 5
Research Problem: Find statistics for the number of births each month in the United States.

Outline in detail the statistical process you would go through to collect and analyze the data.

Then perform the process. Be sure to include the graphical organization of your data. Be sure to follow appropriate guidelines and safety precautions for completing internet searches.

This prezi is for 6.01 assignment in Algebra 1. There are 5 questions and my answers for those questions. Let's go take a look!
Here is my graph
A bar graph would be best for this data. A bar graph is better for this because it shows you the exact data you need. But a Histogram shows you a range of data. Here is my graph.
My answers
Part 1: It is a Categorical data and it would be a bar graph.
Part 2 : My graph is by my data.

Part 3: My graph shows what food the students like to eat the most.
My answers.
Part 1: A histogram would be the best because the data is a range of numbers
Part 2
My graphs
Go to next slide and see the graph
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