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Dynamite was invented in 1867 By Alfred Nobel (who also crea

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lolol trolo

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Dynamite was invented in 1867 By Alfred Nobel (who also crea

Dynamite was invented in 1867 By Alfred Nobel (who also created the Nobel Prizes)
Alfred Nobel
Alfred Nobel (the man who created the Nobel Prizes) invented dynamite in 1867 as a way to make the unstable nitroglycerin more stable. He invented dynamite for use in peaceful ventures such as mining, but the military used it for war.
How Powerful is Dynamite?
Alfred Nobel's dynamite had about 5MJ/kg. In comparison, gunpowder is about 3MJ/kg.
What is dynamite?
Dynamite is nitroglycerin absorbed by a clay like substance called kieslghur. This mixture would then be bakes into sticks. Original dynamite was much safer than pure nitroglycerin, but it could leak out the nitroglycerin over time. Also, crystals of nitroglycerin could form on the stick of dynamite. Modern dynamite is much more stable.
Uses of Dynamite
Dynamite created a huge boom in industry. It allowed quick and cheap mines to be made, it allowed old building to be demolished much faster and safer than ever before. Many marvels of engineering would have never been done if dynamite was never invented. It was also used in wars to destroy building, roads, and people.
An improvement to dynamite
Alfred Nobel improved upon dynamite and in 1875 he invented gelatinous dynamite. It was more powerful, safer, and water resistant than regular dynamite.
Science- making
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