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pepperidge farm

No description

Erwin Sheizenheifer

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of pepperidge farm

pepperidge farm
Facts about pepperidge farm
Founded by Margret Rudkin on July 4th 1947
Product and services
Pepperidge farm sells many baked goods, new products were always made and then tasted for quality. They believe in the principles they followed when they first started.
How does the company maintain their customers.
They can always provide quality baked goods to their customers. They always taste test their products for quality in order to see if they are worth buying.

Why would it be important to have good customer relation skills
The people at pepperidge farms strive to maintain a good relationship between themselves and the customers.
how does technology influence and impact the business
technology offers a way of advertising that had not been developed in the early years of the company's beginning. It also allows for different ways to ship and store their goods.

Are their any current openings for positions in the company
Jobs available include: plant systems coordinator and route performance manager.
Current company leader
Denise M. Morrison
Their headquarters is located in Norwalk, Connecticut
The first aired commercial was Margaret Rudkin as the spokesperson
At pepperidge farms their mission is to constantly commit to quality. We could help by sending feedback about their products.
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