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Copy of Finlandia

No description

Alba Cuadrado

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Finlandia

Alba Cuadrado
Marina Puerta
4B A new experience:
Finland Activities Food The food was exotic and delicious (the salmon we tasted was the best salmon we ever tasted). All they eat, do it with butter spread on toast and usually with cucumber too. They always drink milk with every meal. Finnish Bath The experience It has been a fantastic experience. We improve a lot in practic English and now we have more friends which we can communicate in English by chat in facebook or go to hollidays to their country in their house. It's sure that this experience gave us a lot of things and habilities that we are not aware about them. Looking at the stars (listening to the silence
and watching the Northern Lights). We made a circle and lay on the floor of a beach (but there was no sand, all was snow) and for 5 minutes, we looked at the sky and were silence. Then we made groups of 5 people and explained our sensation. Then we observed the Northern Lights and we discovered that the legend says that this aurora is the burning fox's tail! Assessment This is a Finnish evening!

And the chocolates are delicious. Finnish Bath Sauna Skii Ice skating Visit to Kokkola Zumba Floorball Cooking sausages on a campfire Snow football match Make a snowman Looking at the stars (listen to the
silence) It consist of going into the sauna for a while and then, suddenly, going outside into the frozen sea (like Titanic), and finnally going back to sauna. Repeat the process as many times as you want, but it's important that the last that you do is the part of the water. We did it like 12 times. After the bath, you feel so good and clean. Marina:
Personally, this trip helped me to make sure that I don't want to stay in Spain and I want to live in another country. Spain isn't my place, I fit in another waiting for me. I've improved oral English, I've always loved English, now even more.

In my opinion this experience has helped me to learn new vocabulary and to meet new people. Also I know new cultures and other languages for example Italian, Hungary... I love this country! Finland is very nice and the people is very beautiful and sympatic. And then, this exchange I has help me to forget shyness to speak English. Video
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