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SIG 3 Ed Games

No description

Eric Whitney

on 23 April 2011

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Transcript of SIG 3 Ed Games

Whoever said learning can't be fun never tried these educational games! Games for Smartboard Games for
iPad Games for
keyboarding Class, start playing games! How often do you hear that in a Computer Applications/Keyboarding class? Games capture and hold students' attention for hours
and teach them all kinds of skills: thinking remembering planning technical skills listening decision making Games for physical
education Physical education and health are important parts of a student's education. But have you ever thought about how technology can enhance physical and health education? technology activities in the gymnasium games on the computer heart rate monitors online Moodle supplements active gaming technology products For great lesson plan ideas, background information and the top-recommended games for keyboarding, physical education, Smartboard and iPad, follow this link:
http://sig3edgames.wikispaces.com Because modern day students see play as work and work as play, educators are now exploring new means of integrating technology and game-based learning to motivate their students to be more actively engaged in their lessons. Today's techno-savvy, multi-tasking students are motivated by graphics and animations, and seemingly have a need to learn differently than their counterparts of fifteen years ago. are interactive easily integrate with game-based learning promote high levels of
engagement portability ease of use thousands of inexpensive and free apps digital books like this one! Tablet devices, such as the iPad, show great potential for
advancing learning in the classroom. Can the iPad really make your kids smarter? Because of features
like these, it just might: Teachers are tapping into the power of Smartboards because they:
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