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Preparing to Participate - draft

No description

Sidney Almeida

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of Preparing to Participate - draft

Core Principle:
Jesus - People - Kingdom of God

Paul - Church - Jesus and the Kingdom of God

Us - People - Kingdom of God
Mood Board
River Foyle
Preparing to Participate
Sidney Almeida
Embarrassing or fun?
Texture Board
I will be focusing on:
Lights - Reflect, Illuminate
Connection with the water - (Tides, water level)
Connection with the rivers History
Primary Textures:
Metallic - Chrome, Copper, Bronze
Shiny - Reflection of lights
Smooth - Water runs off it
Where I am Now

The River Foyle is also the fastest flowing river in Europe for its size.
Examples of Fish Statues
What I want to Produce
Simple Hard Edge Sculptures

Static Renders and possibility of animation, to show movement

Work With Lighting

Blended in with background of River Foyle
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