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Character Development of Charlie Bucktin

English Oral Presentation

Robbie Lawrence

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Character Development of Charlie Bucktin

Charlie Bucktin Character Development This is Charlie Shy Bookish Well Spoken Smart Speech Thoughts Actions I like sandals Charlie I need
your help Charlie Jasper Speech I'm not racist I don't swear I use big words That's the grog
talkin Charlie Jasper Charlie I don't talk back Yeah man Jasper Charlie You want
some grog Actions Charlie dig me
a hole youve been naughty Mum you're
a shit Thoughts Aw shit I've never thought like that Jasper you unnerstand
me Charlay Jasper Charlie Charlies character develops from a shy bookish boy into a confident independent teenager with the help of Jasper Jones. "I went to see Eliza" "Mum your
cooking is great" "My potato
is cold" Hi I'm Charlie " I look at the bastard coach. How he stands, how he intermittently pinches his dick and shifts his weight. How his dark rodent eyes lazily survey this pack of boorish bullies. How his nubby fingers scissor his cigarette. And I think, if he can watch this with a grin, what else could he watch. What other cruel things could he view without intervening. " P.g 68
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