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Coaching Plan for a School in Transition

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Demetriaus Gulley

on 24 July 2015

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Transcript of Coaching Plan for a School in Transition

Coaching Plan for a School in Transition
Demetriaus Gulley
July 27, 2015
Professor Mattson

School Year

In the beginning of the new school year 2016, we are creating and improving newer ideas for all the high school specialized students and faculty departments. In the beginning of the school year of 2016, we will have some new faculty members that would be joining our school . We will have a new Individualized Education Program (IEP) team, new special education teachers, new general education teachers, and a representative from the district that would be a great addition to our team.
Subject Area :
Smart Goals for (IEP) Team

• As an (IEP) team we will support teachers in developing a transitional plan for students activities. We will be demonstrating goals that will be based on our students suggestions, awareness, and their capabilities. Their goals will deal with preparation, instruction, and employment.(Akos & Galassi ,2004).

• We will work help students begin to plan and get set up for their transition into the adult world. We would prepare family members and others whom students trust to help plan for their future.

Smart Goals for New Special Education Teachers
• New Special Education Teachers will help meet their students needs that would allow them to be involved develop general curriculum's for suitable activities.

• New Special Education Teachers would meet each students learning needs that will result from their students disability.

• We will continue to evaluate helpful teaching skills throughout the school year. The purpose is to allow students to utilize their potentials to become a stable contributing members of our society.

Our school has a new mission based on last year high school (IEP) Individualized Education Program for high school students transitioning process. We want reconstruct the overall (IEP) plan to improve a better transition for students from high school to adult life.
Coaching Cycle Phases
Throughout the coaching cycle, you want to help support in taking action to move toward the goal of providing direction and understanding. The phases of the coaching cycles have several traits: (Akos & Galassi, 2004).

• They will establish and clarify goals of their sessions.

• They will create a plan to achieve their tasks and responsibilities.

• They will make sure that team members will have a clearer meaning and perceptive of their positions and responsibilities.

• They will counsel, train, and display desired teamwork actions and practices.

Smart Goals for New General Education Teachers

• New General Education Teachers will help meet their students needs that would allow them to be involved in developing general curriculum's for suitable activities.

• We will utilize different techniques, strategies, and resources to help their students achieve success.

Strategies for Overcoming Resistance
Here are some strategies that will be able to recognize several characteristics of overcoming resistance, acknowledge and appreciate our school culture, instructions, and activities that help contribute to resistance. (Weimer, 2010).
Teaching & Communication: educate teachers about the change effort in advance.

Contribution & Participation: when teachers are involved in a change effort, they are likely to change than resisting it.

Facilitation & Assistance: teachers can set off possible confrontation by being supportive of other colleagues during complex times.

Cooperation and Union: teachers can battle confrontation by offering encouragements to other colleagues not to confront change.

Means for Overcoming Potential Obstacles
Obstacles are there to educate and toughen us for our journey that lies ahead. We must not look at them as undefeatable problems that will stop us from achieving our goals, but as a stepping stone needed to transition into greater achievements. We can overcome any obstacle by dealing with them in different ways : (Covey & Fireside, 1990).

• By prioritizing your educational goals from the smallest obstacles to larger obstacles.

• By building a obstacle elimination process into all educational achievement plans.

Fall: September through November:

staff will develop a assortment of techniques, approaches, and resources to help a student's transition period process efficiently.

Winter: December through February :

improve (lEP) plans, provide continuous education for transition, training improvements, restructured information, and teacher capability.

Spring: March through May:

monitor progression in independent living skills to make sure that students are making acceptable development.

Weimer ,Maryellen, PhD. (2010). Student Learning: Six Causes of Resistance. In Effective Teaching Strategie, (July, 2010).

Covey ,Stephen R., Fireside, (1990).The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change.

Akos, P., & Galassi, J. P. (2004). Middle and high school transitions as viewed by students, parents, and teachers. Professional School Counseling, 7(4), 212–221.

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