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No description

Kyeong-min Lee

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of LONDON

London The East End The City, The West End Trafalgar
Square Trafalgar
Square Covent
Garden Westminster
Abbey Big Ben Houses of
Parliament Westminster Big Ben
(Elizabeth Tower) Westminster Abbey Times Square,
New York City The Eiffel Tower,
Paris Oxford Street Regent Street grew with
industries (clothing) and ports The Houses of Parliament Stock Exchange The Bank of England Lloyds A jury system
: 12 ordinary people participate as juries. Fleet Street Christmas lights on Oxford St., 2005. The West End The East End classified by distinct characters I came to find work. I came to find a better life. I had religious
problems. I had political
problems. Petticoat Lane
Market every Sunday morning,
find the highest quality! immigrants with different reasons financial and business centre The Lord Mayor's Show
Banking Centre
The Old Bailey
Fleet Street (the press) buy and sell shares of companies insurance company Quality : serious
extensive Popular : personal
shocking British
Newspapers the centre of shopping
and entertainment In a memorial to
the Battle of Trafalgar - political protests
- community gatherings
cf) New Year's Eve used to be the biggest fruit and vegetables market independent shops street dancers
elegant buildings
theaters N
S Circus ← 'circle' = a round open space video displays and neon signs political community royalty & government one of the most
important symbols the place of ...
1) coronation
2) burial
3) royal weddings the Band of the Coldstream Guards the Lord in a golden coach Sources all images and maps from Google
all videos from Youtube
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