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ongoing slutshaming workshop

No description

Sun Kim

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of ongoing slutshaming workshop

“It is tied to institutionalized ideology about our bodies as sexualized objects of property, as spectacles of sexuality and deviant sexual desire. It is tied to notions about our clothed or unclothed bodies as unable to be raped whether on the auction block, in the fields or on the living room television screens.”
What is a Slut?
What were the strengths of the strategy?

Where did the strategy fall short?
Strategies of Resistance
Examples of Resistance in Media?
In your own community, what forms of resistance already exist?
What are some additional ways you can push back on slut shaming in your community?
Strategies of Resistance
Break out into groups of 3
What kind of messages does this media example portray that contribute to slut shaming?

Large Group
Report Back
What is the impact of these kinds of messages among youth?
What does this mean for survivors of sexual assault or abuse?
Media Debrief
Forms of Media
TV Shows
Slut shaming is when we insult a woman because she expresses her sexuality in a way we don’t approve of.
-Laci Green

What’s Missing?
What is Slut Shaming
Ice Breaker
What is Slut Shaming?
Youth & Media
Strategies of Resistance
-Youth Centered Space
-Speaking from Experience
-Moving on for the purpose of time
-Step Up
-Take Care of Yourself
-Don’t Yuck my Yum
-It’s okay to be uncomfortable
Group Agreements
Gender Pronoun
Access Needs
What kind of work do you do that is connected to the movement to end sexual assault?
One thing you hope to get out of the workshop
API Chaya
Presented by

Jennifer Williams, Youth Advocate of PAINT
Sun Kim, Youth Advocate of PAINT
Sabrina Chen, Youth Program Coordinator at API Chaya

Examining a Culture of Slut Shaming among Youth
What’s something in the “Yes Column” of your Yes/No/Maybe list?

What is your first memory of hearing the word “slut”?
Ice Breaker!
Jenna Marbles Video Blog –
Things I don’t understand about girls: Slut Edition
Lil Wayne Feat. Drake – Love Me
Media Examples of Slut Shaming
Loose woman
Can’t keep it in his pants
Horn dog
Hoochie mama
Ladies man
The man
Lover pimp
Negative Expressions for a
Sexually Active Man
Positive Expressions for a
Sexually Active Woman
Negative Expressions for a
Sexually Active Woman
Positive Expressions for a
Sexually Active Man
To get started...
Yes/No/Maybe lists
Yes/No/Maybe list is a list you can make with someone you’re sexually intimate with, or for yourself to determine your own boundaries sexually:

YES: Sexual experiences you are comfortable experiencing with an intimate partner, or other people (or with yourself)

MAYBE: Sexual experiences you might be okay experiences, or might now, you’re still exploring

NO: Sexual experiences you do not want to engage in with somebody you're intimate with or other people (or with yourself).
Brainstorming: What is a slut?
Briefly discuss what a slut is defined to
What's missing?
1. Perception of Sexual
2. Systems of Oppression
3. Race
Youth & Media
what kinds of media do youth interact with?
Strategies of Resistance
Youtube Video Blogger Francesca Leighton on Jenna Marbles
Youtube Video Blogger Laci Green on Jenna Marbles
Music Video – Bitch Bad by Lupe Fiasco

Youth Program
PAINT: Peer Advocates Inspiring New Thinking
What is a S
What is a slut?
As a black women, we do not have the privilege or the space to call ourselves "slut" without validating the already historically embedded ideology and recurring messages about what and who the Black women is."
Garfield High School
Franklin High School
Full transcript